Real vs. Fake Comparison Pictures

  1. I'm new here and I'm still trying to learn. I was wondering if it'd be possible to start a thread with real purses and the fakes that have been made for it.

    For me, it helps me learn when I see pics and know what to look for and what to beware of. The authenticity threads are great, but it'd be really neat to also compare/contrast side-by-side the pics.

    Just a suggestion. I'm a newbie so I was just thinking it would prevent me from posting every single link for every purse I'm looking at.

  2. I think the Authenticity questions thread that Kallison started has a lot of compare and contrast pictures.
  3. It sure does!
  4. lol, it does. :p (btw, where have you been elongreach?!)

    i get what you're saying here's a picture of fake, say, signature stripe totes. and next to it is the authentic one. right?

    theoretically, good. but that's a ton of work. i can put one together though, if need be. :shrugs:
  5. It's a good idea.. if anyone posts pictures of a fake.. they could just also post the real one from the drilldown (or other known authentic)...
  6. You could also just start your own "library" on your computer. Set up a new folder in your Pictures folder and start saving examples of each, or concentrate on the bags you especially like.

    One problem with doing a dedicated thread here is that there are so many different fakes of so many different Coaches that the thread would become huge and almost unuseable after a while, even just using thumbnails.

    To be useable, the thread would have to be searchable, which means that the poster would have to be sure to include the actual name of the bag and the Coach style number with every comparison.
  7. if you want to see fakes, just search ioffer. if you want to see real ones, your best bet is searching the forum.
  8. Best advice ever
  9. OT, but kallison, I love your new avatar. Your niece and nephew are adorable :p
  10. aren't they cute? my nephew is too adorable and my niece...well...she loves her aunt katherine!
  11. well said. plus since there are new coach bags all the time, there are new fakes all the time.
  12. And there are so many bags from other "collections" as well. I have a satchel that I bought from Dillards about 2-3 years ago that doesn't even show up in the DD (#9545). I also just bought a demi from Sam's that was probably from their corp gift divison that will not be on DD either, but both of these bags are authentic. What's a newbie shopper do do with all these different collections floating around?