Real Snakeskin or not?

  1. Any expert here on how to tell if the snakeskin is real? I just got a vintage Loewe on eBay for a really good deal. Ive been looking for Loewe bag for a WHILE but its not so popular in the U.S. and I dont think anybody carries Loewe at all. Im really excited. The bag looks like it is made out of some type of exotic skin. By the scales of it, I think it is real either snake or python but not so sure. What do you think?
    Loewe 1.jpg Loewe 2.jpg Loewe 3.jpg Loewe 4.jpg Loewe 5.jpg
  2. Here are the last two pix.
    Loewe 6.jpg Loewe 7.jpg
  3. Looks like real snakeskin to me. It was the picture of the piping around the sides that helped a lot.
  4. Loewe have never made anything faux, so that should answer your question ;)
  5. You should definitely be able to tell from the texture of the bag. Real snakeskin feels ....flaky. I know that doesn't help but the pictures do look like real snakeskin, not embossed leather.
  6. 100000% real snakeskin (looks like watersnake to me) and authentic :yes:
  7. Thanks everyone for the input. Ive been wanting a Loewe bag for a while but not really familiar with authenticating it. It looks great and pretty good to me so I got it :smile: Do you think it is authentic? By the look of it, it does not look like a replica to me. Anybody who knows how to authenticate Loewe?
  8. You are right but it's not a rule. Not all real snakeskin feels flaky, sometimes the skin is shaved back, you can see the pattern but without most of the scales. It's only seems recently that people have come to appreciate the 'wilder' side of Snake.
  9. No kidding! Things have certainly changed regarding hides. I just bought a Carp Alexander Wang wallet. My husband almost died from laughter at the thought of me and my fishy wallet:lol:

    Sorry OP to hijack, gorgeous new bag though!! Congrats:flowers:

  10. Sound amazing! Congrats on your new wallet
  11. I have plenty of Loewe things including bags but none look like that and none are snake. I seriously doubt that anyone would go to the trouble of buying costly snakeskin, treating it (snake takes a lot of work and is delicate to work with) all for a fast buck

    I should also congratulate you on you new bag OP :tup:
  12. Definitely looks like real snakeskin to me...I had a Gucci python bag (that I sold & regret every day) and the skin was flaky and soft feeling....snakeskin is lovely but does require a lot of care & fussing over to make sure as not to damage it! Congrats!
  13. Yup, I think Gucci make the best snakeskin pieces, their exotics are only made by master craftspeople.
  14. Beautiful bag. Congrats!
    Actually eBay is a great place to find a bargain for underrated high quality brands. Fake manufactures don't put energy into less known brands, so if there are any chances that they make fake Loewe, it should be obvious.
  15. It is GORGE!