Real Real comes to your house to pick-up?

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  1. Has anyone sold through a new service where Real Real comes to your home and picks up your bags for consignment?
  2. Yes. It's not a new service they have offered it for a while. But you need to have at least 10 items of significant value. It can't be like 10 old Kate Spade bags or something. I had a mixture of LV and Chanel when they came to get my stuff.
  3. They emailed me several times somewhat aggressively marketing this service. When I replied, I heard nothing back. Twice. I have a fairly nice grouping of designer garments, shoes and bags to consign and I liked this idea better than shipping everything. I can only assume they aren't equipped to provide this service everywhere, despite advertising it as available in my city specifically.
  4. Yes - I have more than 10 Balenciagas and LVs to sell and they contacted me to say someone would be in touch but no one ever was
  5. Yes a “luxury manager” came to my house, made notes and pictures of everything before packing and taking them away. It was very easy. One thing to keep in mind-mine said TRR only wants shoeboxes if the shoes are brand new. I had a pair of almost new Valentino rockstud jellies and she refused to take the box and somehow two studs went missing at some point. I had to get the shoes back to have them repaired which is super annoying. TRR tried to say I sent them in defective like that which is ridiculous. So if you use this service, make sure the manager documents things very well in her notes and take good photos! This experience really turned me off.
  6. They will come to your home or office even if you’re just selling one thing, if that item is of high value. I would second the recommendation that the intake person take a very clear photos, because they lost the lock sent with my handbag. I was not penalized for it just because everything was documented clearly when she took the bag from me.
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