Real Quick....!!!! Hurry....30 minutes!

  1. I am selling my indigo..too big for me...Should I get Blue Noe or speedy?
  2.'re selling the Stillwood!!?? I'd get the's a shoulder bag and I love Irenes blue noe...but if you don't have a speedy yet...go for the speedy!!! everyone must have at least one speedy! hope this helps!:P
  3. Don't have either what:shrugs: ??
  4. they're both very pretty...would you rather have a shoulder bag or handheld??
  5. Not sure....I do love Irene's noe....
  6. yes, I've tried on both at the boutique...the Noe is so comfortable and fits so nicely on the shoulder. And it's a very practical bag, hold lots of stuff, you can shop hands free, easy to get in and out of. I see this more as a practical everyday type of the bag. the speedy is gorgeous too though...very elegant and nice to carry by hand or on the crook of you arm...if I had one, I wouldn't use this one as an everyday bag as's just so pretty, I'd be afraid of scratching or beating it up. What color blue are they the Myrtille or Toledo blue...are they on ebay??:P
  7. Speedy!
  8. Bought the speedy! Thanks Guys....:yahoo: Don't own I do:yes:
  9. :yahoo: :P :yahoo: :P
  10. Awww, you're selling your indigo stillwood? I still want that bag, haha. Glad you got the speedy though, you'll love it!