Real popcorn! Yum! Yum! Yum!

  1. Well I have been having a hankering for real popcorn...and then all the news about the steam from microwave popcorn in the news....

    So tonight I unburied the stir crazy popper that hasn't seen the light of day for at least 10 years.

    As it started to pop I called my seven year old in..first he was like :confused1: what the heck is the that and then :nuts: POPCORN!!!

    OMG! It is so much better than microwave and really no more microwave popcorn for us!
  2. I LOVE real popcorn :smile: Unfortunately I have about 2 square feet of counter space so right now there is no room for a popper!
  3. Ok...I missed the news on micorwave popcorn??
  4. Omg it tastes SO MUCH BETTER than microwave. I actualy just do it on the stovetop in a pot. That is how we always did popcorn growing up, and a few years ago I had the urge to do it... and I forgot how much better tasting it is. Yum. Now I sort of want some...
  5. ^^ Thanks!! he must have been eating the movie theatre version!! That stuff is so loaded with butter, the smell made me sick!! LOL I love good ol fashioned popcorn!! (I will show my age and say, I loved the jiffy pop that you would make on the stove...yummo)
  6. That's how I do my popcorn, too.

    I also sometimes put some plain kernels in a paper lunch bag, fold over the top, and put it in the microwave. Popcorn is like, 10 calories per serving. I spray on that "zero" calorie spray butter flavored spray, add some seasoned salt (white cheddar, butter flavored, etc), and I can eat all I want.
  7. i stove pop my popcorn too and it's so yummy...
  8. I love air popped popcorn. Eat it all the time. It's the perfect snack, lo cal, no fat, and lots of fiber.

    It's probably been almost 10 years since I've had microwave popcorn. I'm not much of a salt fan and I never liked how salty it was to begin with.
  9. Ya that's the best way! Plus it not only has a better texture and actually costs less also..hehe!!
  10. oh, now I want popcorn!
  11. Yep, Stir Crazy is the way to go--my mom has one, and I always have popcorn made that way at her house.:tup:
  12. haha this also reminded me of something at work... one of the ingredients in that "butter flavor" is diacetyl. We use this in the lab I work in as an attractant for worms in experiments. One of our collaborators told us that since their lab area is so open, people would pop popcorn down in the break room and then when that door was opened, the smell would waft down into the labs. It completely messed up the experiments because the worms are attracted to the diacetyl! She put a ban on popcorn on the floor, and it took weeks to enforce because nobody believed that popcorn in the break room could mess anything up. But they're very sensitive, I guess! Haha
  13. OMG, that is too funny!
  14. I luuurve popcorn! It´s so much better for you than chips!