Real or Photoshop????

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    These new PG-13 rated pictures of Miley Cyrus have hit the Internet!
    And the Web is abuzz with speculation on their authenticity.
    Are they legit?
  2. If these pics should not be on here can a MOD please close the thread :smile:
  3. OMG!! Thats so dodgy! I just finished reading an article about how squeaky-clean she intends on staying (litterally! The magazine is right infront of me)
    and now this?! shes only 15!
    how dissapointing!
  4. I'm betting photoshop.
  5. I'm thinking there real:sweatdrop:
  6. real...and thankfully she isn't nude, but the lack of bra and the nipple tweaking is a pedo's wetdream:throwup: stupid miley.
  7. :smash: If these are real...I hope she gets a good lecture from her parents. She is so young!
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  10. Some people might say "What Wrong with the pictures?!". People need to understand she is 15! and she is always talking about being a good girl. These pictures are not showing nothing good.
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  12. How very foolish!

    If these photos are real, this scandal will taint her image and follow her around like a bad smell.
  13. If they are real I am just shocked at her lack of judgement. Yes, she is young, but she should know better than most people the cost of image and how fragile it can be. Internet foolishness NEVER stays private and NEVER goes away. Her parents and her "people" should have made that perfectly clear before she was ever allowed in the same room as a computer!
  14. umm and she was commenting on the bad example britney is setting? Puh-lease. In 3 more years I'm sure she'll be completely like her.
  15. This one definitely looks real :push:

    Hope she's not the next Jamie Lynn Spears...