real or not? LV pochette???? thanks!

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  1. :love: is this real or not???? i really want it!

    hey everyone

    just wondering if this was a real one or not?

    and just wondering if anyone has any sellers on eBay they can suggest to me that sell the real deal???? just looking for LV stuff!

    ps, i'm not too sure where this is suppose to go? in here or the LV thread???? sorry if ive put it in the wrong one!

  2. Oh hrm.. I replied to this in the other thread.. hehe.
  3. Looks real to me, but read AYLA's first reply. Good price too.
  4. thanks guys, i might bid and see what happens! shhhh
  5. The first one is probably okay, but once again, the best way to tell is looking at the font. It doesn't have a picture of the font stamp.. but it is from a my poupette seller, likely okay.

    The second one is fine, really good condition for a 6 year old bag, she doesn't seem to have used it very much !
  6. I would go for the second one it's in very good condition!!
  7. thanks for all your replies!!!! its helped a lot :smile: i didnt get much sleep last night... was dreaming about LV! hehehehe!

    BUT ayla do you think this one is ok???

    sorry to ask again, im just quite keen on getting one :smile:
  8. No worries. :smile:

    I'm having some problems loading this auction, would it be possible to give me the item number ? I'll take a look.
  9. hey ayla

    0ops sorry about that!

    the auction number is: 6848958905 :amuse:

    thanks SO much for your help!
  10. Oh I believe I already looked at this one, in the post where you had links to 2 auctions. It looks good.. especially since it's a 6 year old bag. I also like that it'll come with an older dustbag, I love the felty ones versus the cotton ones now.
  11. thanks alya! :amuse: i will put a bid in and i'll let you know what happens! thanks again!
  12. I would go for this one if I were you. Poupette has the best reputation for authentics. Her personal collection is HUGE! She used to have a pic on her site but I can't get it load now.