real or not? LV pochette???? thanks!

The first one is probably okay, but once again, the best way to tell is looking at the font. It doesn't have a picture of the font stamp.. but it is from a my poupette seller, likely okay.

The second one is fine, really good condition for a 6 year old bag, she doesn't seem to have used it very much !
helenNZ said:
thanks for all your replies!!!! its helped a lot :smile: i didnt get much sleep last night... was dreaming about LV! hehehehe!

BUT ayla do you think this one is ok???

sorry to ask again, im just quite keen on getting one :smile:

No worries. :smile:

I'm having some problems loading this auction, would it be possible to give me the item number ? I'll take a look.
Oh I believe I already looked at this one, in the post where you had links to 2 auctions. It looks good.. especially since it's a 6 year old bag. I also like that it'll come with an older dustbag, I love the felty ones versus the cotton ones now.