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  1. Pleasee someone help me. :smile:
  2. Well, I'm far from a Balenciaga expert, but this bag looks fake to me.
  3. Fake, tassels are coiled.
  4. *sigh* and I could go on. Do not buy it!
  5. Okies, really thanks for letting me know!
    I am no expert at all.
    I did think the colour on the first picture was a bit odd.
  6. Aw its made me quite sad/angry actually.
    They could of fooled me.
    I was going to bid on it, i was so lucky i never.
  7. It's definitely fake.

    But for future reference, you're supposed to post this in "Authenticate this" thread instead of starting a new one in the main discussion board.

    Where're mods?
  8. Ah right i didnt know, sorry.
    Well feel free to move it. xx
  9. Hi Belinda, I am going to move your original post to the Auth Thread - per Tooshies above, please post all future questions there. :yes:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.