Real Or Fake??

  1. Hi all
    a female friend of mine has been badgering me with questions whether she should purchase an LV bag online ( and believe me, its a lot more than i can take).. she's afraid that it might be a counterfeit good.. it costs U$1500.. so i told her i posted on this forum before.. and i can help her to get some experts' opinion.. dear all, please help, for the sake of my sanity :smile:

    ps: she wouldn't tell me the link to the website.. but sent me a pic instead
    pps: im exaggerating a bit, but u get the picture :smile:.. thanks in advance.. here is the pic..

  2. typical stock photo of fake vendors .... DON'T BUY IT!!! .... please post authenticity question in the Authenticate section next time :flowers:
  3. oh thank u.. sori for the mistake bad.. not v familiar with the forum as yet
  4. no prob :smile: