Real? Or Fake?

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  1. Wish the pictures were a bit clearer...tough to tell.
  2. This one has me somewhat stumped :huh: I think the edges of the rolled leather handles, the strap the key hangs from, where the straps are attached to the body of the bag, etc., are supposed to be a tan color. I would ask for more pictures of the interior and closer pictures of the outside of the bag, as well as ask for some history about the bag, like where it was purchased, why the person is selling it, and why they're selling it for brand new below retail. I also checked the seller's feedback and there is a "Dior" bag there that sold for $46. Kinda strange :suspiciou
  3. Go look at the pictures of the cream color Paddy on NM. It does look like the leather bits Christina mentioned are darker than on the e-bay bag.
  4. amanda had mentioned this in another thread and now I look for what color the trim is when looking at them on eBay. Not that I want to buy another paddy... well... maybe I do :P
  5. I don't think that bag is real. no one is going to sell a new chloe for less than $1000. at the very lowest and that's if they have a fabulous connection. Also, the blanc both the 2005 and 2006 have the distinctive raw brown leather edging and this bag doesn't have it.
  6. I think fake, it just looks too perfect- the leather is not wrinkly or supple looking.
  7. You can tell by the rings. Are the zippers and rings shiny metal? Is there an indent in the rings where the leather sits? And are the rings substantial? or cheap and flimsy.

    That was the major difference in the fakes from SS. Maybe you can get the seller to give you some pics silver hardware. Usually that is where the fakes are really cheap looking.

    Personally, I wouldn't take the chance. For not much more money you can get one from net-a-porter or a chloe boutique and erase all doubt!
  8. fake - it's all in the leather edges, my darlings!
  10. Definetely fake.. the shape is all wrong.
    It looks like the other cream paddy that someone posted with shiny hardware.
  11. thanks guys....i just want one SO bad!!!!:cry:

  12. call the chloe stores , i am sure that you can find one through them, you may have to wait but atleast you will get the real thing. i only had to wait like two weeks for my cream paddy from chloe new york boutique.
  13. NAP has them, and Neiman Marcus has the whiskey available for pre-order. For that amount of money, I'd say your best bet would be to buy from an authorized retailer so you know it's the real thing.
  14. Paddy's are so easy to find these days since so many boutiques and dept stores carry them. I would call NM, Saks, Nordstrom, Ron herman, Chloe boutique. Good luck