Real or Fake?

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  1. Just wanted some help on whether you guys think these two gucci purses on eBay are real or fake. I considered buying these, but now that I have read countless amount of forums, I am scared to even purchase anything designer off eBay.

    1) eBay Item number: 330144819057
    2) Ebay Item number: 230149742099

    Don't get me wrong, I've bought a couple of GREAT, AUTHENTIC coach purses off of Ebay. But Gucci is so much more expensive, so I don't want to pay a load and get a fake.
  2. Hi Tifany -

    You'll probably have better luck in the "Authenticate this Gucci" thread. Just put the links in to the items and the nice folks in there are very helpful with taking a look at them and giving you their opinions :smile:
  3. well not ALL are fake! It's just that people assume that they're fake and don't want to pay what they are worth!:yucky:!!

    I put my Peggy for the sail retail price on Ebay and had no luck!! :sad:!! And of course mine is real!!! :smile:
  4. Please post in the AUTH THIS thread.
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