Real or Fake on Ebay

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Nov 5, 2005
Hi, friend of mine sent me this link to a bag she wanted on ebay. having no experience in the area she asked me if i could help her define whether it was a real YSL, or a fake. The images are the ones directly of of the ebay page. Can anyone tell me anything obout this, or where i might be able to further conduct my search? please help!


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You can go to the eBay Community pages and post the auction and ask for help from the experts there. You will get opinions back pretty quickly.
The problem with the photos on ebay is that they can come from anywhere- so while that bag may look real, it may not even be the bag they are selling :wacko:

I learned this the hard way a long time ago buying a Lacoste shirt. The picture was real, the shirt I got was a disgrace!
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