real or fake coach G45-6335

  1. [​IMG]
  2. Could you show a close-up of the dog tag? From the all-over picture it doesn't look like it has any stamp on it, but that could just be how it was photographed.
  3. It doesn't look real. Usually Coach purses have the "C"s lined up better on seams.
  4. I agree with Coachfanatic, the C's are usually symmetrical on there bags that look like this. I ended up with a fake Coach off of eBay a few years ago and have never bought another one from eBay.
  5. That one is not real! The pattern/lineup is a give away. Hopefully you can get your money back! :crybaby:
  6. I'm sorry! They're right, this bag isn't real.

    If you paid through paypal, you can get your money back!
  7. Yep, that is just awful stitching work on the creed. The stitching cuts right down the stamped border of the creed!! The tips of the C's are too thin and pointy. And how about a blank hang tag.:wtf:
  8. The stitching on the creed is way off center. Did the seller say where the bag came from? Did it have a dust cover with it? I ask because I have shopped at the Coach factory store before and their bags do NOT come with a dust cover. Also, Coach Factory Stores don't always have 1st quality merchandise, but it's usually not anything too noticeable.
  9. I would like to add too, that the bag in the pictures just don't look quite right to me. It could be because of the lighting in the pictures though.
  10. The hang tag does have imprint on it. The purse did not come with a dust bag and the seller said she had bought it at the Coach factory store where she buys all her purses.
    Thanks for all your help, guys.
  11. The DD is a very helpful guide. Your bag should pretty much match it. Can you see how the C's on your bag are not in the least symetrical? Dead giveaway. Even if this was an outlet bag, the C's would look a WHOLE lot better than that! And the creed...OY! It looks pretty bad...sorry you got a bum deal! Don't let it deter you from Coach tho!

    And welcome to tPF! Stick around and you will learn a LOT about how to spot real Coach...check the authentication tips in the shopping subforum.
  12. I definitely agree with the others. I'm sorry you purchased a fake bag. :sad:

    For future reference, if you post pictures and auction links in the authentication thread that mokoni posted, then we can authenticate the bag for you before you buy so you won't be out anything. :smile: