real or fake breast?

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  1. Does Megan really have breast implants?
    Some said she had a bad breast implant job. There's a dent on the right breast near her her hand.
  2. No have to upload them as attachments now or use Photobucket to display pics. Not sure if she has real or fake breasts, but she is gorgeous!
  3. Sorry
    Im unable to upload the picture from But, if you check out that website you could definately see pictures of her and what Im talking about.
  4. Thanks for posting the image.
  5. Dont know, dont care. Im sure this will be debated as much as the others are though. I'm sure you'll get an answer soon.
  6. i'll answer, that is a dent and yes i'm pretty sure they're fake but they look good. i want mine done as well but i'm afraid of how it will turn out.
  7. yes:Pto me
  8. I heard fat injections look more real and cost less.
  9. from the side, that boob look fake..