REAL Native American Jewelry~

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  1. I had a chance to wear one of my concho belts last night. I have two--they are both relatively small and understated as concho belts go which makes them a little easier to wear. I actually rarely wear the one with the turquoise because I'm afraid of banging it up or cracking the stones. I think these are both fun but I'm dying to get a big honkin' statement belt with huge silver conchos. I'm looking for something "first phase" style, which means that instead of having copper loops soldered onto the back (a later development) the conchos had holes punched in them that the leather fed through.

    IMG_6924.JPG IMG_6933.JPG

    Link on the history/different types of concho belts if anyone's interested

    I'd love to see anyone else's concho belts if you have any to post! I remember seeing a really fun one towards the beginning of this thread.
  2. We
  3. Gorgeous! I have a couple they may be modern but are beautiful. I got them perhaps around 1996. It has been so long since they have fit me but I refuse to get rid of them. There was a point 2011-2014 they fit but oh well you know how it sometimes goes
  4. Post them please! I'd love to see them.
  5. First I'll have to dust them off-literally! Been hanging in my current closet for almost 20 years LOL
  6. I haven't dusted of the belts yet, but I took a look at the hallmarks on my NA (and some maybe NA) cuffs. Here are the hallmarks, for you experts to shed some light:

    Begay (no first initial) I see this is a known surname for artist(s)
    P. Benally (I "think" it's P) (Know this is a surname for artist(s)
    "T" (couldn't find any info on this)
    g nelson (I'm pretty sure it's a "g" (I found a bit of info)
    "LC" (couldn't find anything on this)
    Mark Yazzie (oh yeah!)
  7. I bought this necklace and matching earring s couple weeks ago. I haven’t looked for a hallmark, and don’t even know if made by a NA artist. But I thought it was gorgeous. It is also reversible I’ll take another pic in a minute b
  8. Well IDK where the pic is. I’ll try again.

    Attached Files:

  9. Haha I guess it’s there or am I seeing things only on my phone? Sorry for 2 pics I thought I only chose 1
  10. Here is the other side

    Attached Files:

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    I looked up these hallmarks in Billie Hougart's book "Native American and Southwest Silver Hallmarks" and found a little bit of information that might be helpful to you. Generally it's helpful to have a picture of the piece as well as the hallmark, since different artists may have similar hallmarks but work in different styles. But I don't think it would help me for these specific hallmarks, since I've come up with very little info.

    Begay is a super common Navajo surname. There's about 7 pages of Begays in Hougart's, although I didn't see any that hallmark just "Begay." That may be a tough one to identify.

    P. Benally is listed, but there is not a full name. The only info given is Navajo and stampwork; set stones. There is also an R. Benally.

    A plain T stamp had listed several potential artists: Thompon Piaso, Tommy Singer (score!), Rhonda Tahe, Verna Tahe, and Richard Thomas.

    Wasn't able to find a G. Nelson.

    LC also had several potential artists: Lee Charley, Luciano Chavez, Lee Chee, Louise Clark, Leah Cleveland, and Lorenzo Coriz.

    Mark Yazzie is also in there. It doesn't give a lot of info, though: Just Navajo and contemporary silver and gold work.

    Sorry that wasn't terribly helpful, but you may be able to use these names as a jumping off point to google and look for similar work. Good luck! Oh, and I'm still patiently awaiting seeing those concho belts....
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  12. Are those bears? :heart: I am guessing these are Zuni inlay. Spiny oyster? Not sure which side I like better..think the orange bears :biggrin: How about you chessmont? Nice pieces. I can just glimpse the edge of your earrings in the photos.
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  13. I like the inlaid side better but both are beautiful! Yes, bears.
  14. Thanks! I got what little info I found from a website of hallmarks that I believe someone on this thread posted. I know I should have included the pieces but I was too lazy. But I found pics online of very similar-looking pieces from Mark Yazzie, and I forget which other. A chunky coral cuff and an similar style turquoise cuff I posted pics somewhere at the beginning of this thread. The coral was Yazzie and the turquoise was, I believe the "T" It was a very plain T, just like you see here in this font.
  15. Ok I took a group pic:

    Top row L-R. P. Benally, T
    Second row L-R. Mark Yazzie, Begay
    Third row L-R. LC, g Nelson
    Fourth row. E
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