REAL Native American Jewelry~

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  1. I’m just picturing trying to get this stuff off to get thru airport security.
  2. Uh now that you’ve slept on it..whadya think? Still want it? Cuz I woke up thinking of it. The color is so intense. Do you think it would be easy to find another like this? I think buy it while you can especially Quality pieces. BUT me thinks it needs companions :graucho: Erm.. if you look at “CompassRose” below, you’ll see how “she” is stacking a very similar coral cuff! I think you can buy this and then during your trip (or before), find a bunch of additional cuffs to stack:biggrin:

    “You” look fantastic CompassRose!:drinks: I just saved the photograph for styling inspiration. Do people really dress up like this during Indian Market? Gosh the people watching would be something! I am just eying the! Going to have to revisit coral earrings and figure out how to make it work on me:frown: maybe more color all around with necklaces etc.
  3. Yeah, still want it now that I've slept on it. I don't know that it would be easy to find another one exactly like it, although I might be able to if I had been smart enough to write down the artist. But similar things are out there. Part of me just wants to snap everything up I like in coral because it's rare and getting rarer. The problem is I have a huge running wishlist of things I want online and I have my trip coming up too. Ugh, I just want it all. This show is coming back to town in the fall, I might get the bracelet then if it hasn't sold and I wasn't too bad out west.

    Here's another one I'm dying for from the same show.

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  4. ok you're in trouble but of a good kind! The coral rarity is reason alone to get it. As you know, I've been scouring the internet daily looking and learning and based on my very small sampling space, I have not seen much coral ..much less ones that are that intense in color. Ask yourself, if you showed up today and it was sold, would you be crushed? because there is no remedy for regret and you will search high and low to find it again. Therefore, why wait? It's just money..if you can spare it. As I tell everyone, money has no utility until you spend it (unless you love looking at a rising bank account balance and that's a legitimate, albeit strange, hobby). It's good to have a wishlist..there's nothing worse than having the money and having nothing to buy.

    I've said enough. I'm no help. I say get it. and the earrings too:P
  5. What are they asking for those Dishta earrings? Just curious, not trying to skunk you! Lol
  6. They are asking $1015 for them. I am not as "up on" what this stuff goes for as you, but it seems pricey to me. They might come down a little if you were going to make a serious offer, I didn't try. But I didn't get the impression they would come down much.
  7. You definitely see it all in Santa Fe during the Indian Market.....I don't think people adorn themselves with everything in their jewelry box every day, but I have seen some jaw dropping "stacks" and such by just sitting on the steps at the cathedral and people-watching during that time. I love it. I am not ever going to be that bold, but in a little bit, I will post a couple of stacks that I love to wear, and some of the silver is not native american, but mexican silver. I love to mix and match pieces. I think I would just have to have that coral bracelet, OrbitOrange. The coral color is just so intense and uniform on that piece.
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  8. Fully agree this is sky-high pricing. If I had to guess the high end price for them, I'd say $600 outside. I just don't know how rare this specific configuration is, which could affect the price, but then I also don't know how much of a market there is for Dishta earrings priced this high. Very few buyers, I bet! (Not moi, for sure).
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  9. yes coral is scarce but I wouldn't pay that much
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  10. oh. ugh. that's a bit steep for me and would make me think a bit. Under $500 or preferably under $300, I can be impulsive..that's just me cuz I'm new to this and don't know what I'm doing. I wish there were more local places where I can touch and feel. Everywhere I go now, I look for little antique shops
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  11. Just to clarify, that price was for the Dishta earrings, not the coral bracelet.
  12. EDIT: Oops I just repeated O'O's post. Yeah, about Dishta turquoise earrings.:smile:
  13. oh, my mistake
  14. That is really pretty.
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  15. They are pretty but I could never wear them . The weight would kill my ears.
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