REAL Native American Jewelry~

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  1. Welcome!!!!
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  2. I love this!!!
  3. Oh, no......memories,though......:flowers:

  4. Maybe Lake Powell area as a compromise? I've always been drawn to all things southwestern too, even when I was a little kid and had never been there. I remember one time when I was bored at my grandparents house drawing basically promotional flyers for Arizona with highlighters. Obsessed with a place I had never been! Someone should have gotten me a subscription to Arizona Highways magazine. I also remember another time I was bored because my mom and grandmother had dragged me to a jewelry store, and I told them they were boring and materialistic and I would never be obsessed with jewelry. Ha, the irony, my mom still brings that up. But it hadn't occurred to me yet that I could combine jewelry with my love of the southwest.
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  5. the two tone bracelet in the middle and the turquoise one are both by Jennifer Curtis. They are signed. The spiny oyster one is by Don Lucas (also signed). Jennifer is the daughter of Thomas Curtis, a pretty well known Navajo artist. She produces everything herself I think. Don Lucas I'm not sure about. There seems to be a lot of his stuff around. I think looking at the website he may have started on his own but maybe has other people working for him now.
    Most of my NA jewelry is from Oggs Hogan. I know he is reputable and knows what he's talking about so I guess I don't really have to be able to tell :smile:
    However that being said, I also have a beautiful larger turquoise bracelet that is signed. I don't know who the artist is. Jeff at Oggs looked at it, was impressed with it and didn't recognize the artist's stamp. He thought it was old. The person who sold it to me said it was new. So sometimes you can just get something you like and it doesn't matter.
  6. Welcome to this addictive thread dcooney4. Wow! This is quite spectacular! You simply must do a modeling shot.please?! :flowers: Tell us more
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  7. Oh:sad::sad::sad:
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  8. Oh :wtf: I am traumatized. Have you told him?
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  9. Yes that is the right approach in the end. Jewelry (like art) is both an intellectual and emotional pursuit..if one doesn’t like it, it’s not in the parlance of Marie Kondo, it must spark joy:smile:
    Thank you
  10. Don Lucas is actually Anglo. If I'm remembering correctly, I think he learned the craft from Native Americans. These are all three beautiful bracelets. You've totally sold me on Oggs Hogan; I hope I can get there one day. Have you posted the large signed turquoise bracelet? We would love to see that one!
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  11. Yes, if you can get to Oggs Hogan go. I imagine Jeff will run it until he dies. He's probably in his 70's.

    here's a picture I posted on a turquoise thread.....I'm not the best photographer but anyway
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  12. gosh!! My grandmother would send me Arizona Highway and Arizona Sunset magazines all the time and I would read them and reread them...[emoji4][emoji4] My art projects in school always involved sunsets and cacti. Haha....the nuns who taught me art always asked me why I chose cacti and desert scenes when we lived in the frozen north of brought back memories for me!!!![emoji5] [emoji5] [emoji5]
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  13. Me too, Compass Rose, me, too!
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  14. I, too was raised by nuns in Michigan! (well raised by parents but the nuns definitely ran the show tightly at school!)
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  15. Oh no!
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