REAL Native American Jewelry~

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    Gaah, you know I love your Curtis pieces. :tup: I have a very similar JC two-tone; love it. Don't think I'd seen the spiny oyster row bracelet previously--I'm jealous. I really need some spiny oyster in my life. I fell hard in love with a giant, elongated heart-shape spiny oyster ring by Harry H. Begay, never had the chance to buy one.
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  2. I think the spiny oyster is kind of a replacement for coral which is pretty much gone now
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  3. I have family who lived in Santa Fe for about 8 years. My grandmother on my mother's side lived in Phoenix for as long as I can remember and she loved all things native american. I still have a ring that she bought for me when I was about 10, and I have it tucked away and should wear it. It is a larger stone, and I am not even sure what it is, but I was thinking maybe carnelian. I gravitate to those colors. When we used to visit my grandmother when I was young, I just knew my heart belonged in the west. I still have time left to actually move there......if I can convince my husband who loves all things water.
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  4. This is really interesting! I did a double take, thinking the white part was molten glass or quartz stone. And it’s the tooled silver underneath. Very nice! Thank you for showing this beauty! I like the copper contrasted against the silver.
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  5. Nicely done orbitOrange! Each piece is different and work so well together. More is more:biggrin:
  6. Nice combination! Spiny oyster? I thought it was coral..duh. I’m starting to take a second look at the silver also. Is the middle silver bracelet also a Native American piece? If they’re not signed, how could one tell? Do they have certain styles..:confused1:
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  7. They have running water in the Southwest.:P But you’d get into a lot of trouble for sure. I’m new at this and spend so much time on the internet sites..if there were physical stores :shocked: oh boy.
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  8. I have just discovered this thread. I really am enjoying scrolling through to see all your beautiful pieces. I have a very as well.
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  9. This is my most cherished piece.

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  10. Oh that’s gorgeous!!!!
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  11. Thanks!
  12. Little story here.
    As a teen and 20- something living in Denver in the 70’s, of course I had my turquoise & coral pieces.
    Forward to my mid-30’s. Full time working mom of toddler boy & infant girl whose husband worked opposite shift so the children only spent 3 hours daily in daycare.
    I’m downstairs nursing baby girl, toddler son had toddled upstairs. I hear a prolonged banging sound, upstairs baby girl & I go to see what my son was doing.... he’d found a hammer and pounded my jewelry into ruin.
    By this point I wasn’t wearing it much. I kept it in a jewelry box and he decided I didn’t like it, I guess.
  13. Oh NOOOO! This is heartbreaking.
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  14. Beautiful! Welcome!
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  15. Thank you, Essie....I am not even sure how much copper this artist used, but in commenting to him about the beauty of the copper at the time I bought it, he said that silver was really getting so expensive that he was trying this technique out. You actually don't see much of this around, but if you look him up (Ronnie Hurley), he has some overlay pieces in silver that are so beautiful. He reminded me of the work that Ben Nighthorse does.
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