Real Life Perspective: How your e-ring looks from a far.

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  1. #1 Sep 22, 2010
    Last edited: Sep 22, 2010
    We've gotten a lot of great rings on here lately and a lot of the pictures are close ups or just of the hand. I saw this posted on Pricescope and thought we should have one here to help the ladies of TPF as well. Please excuse the dry hands!!!!

    I think it'll help the ladies in waiting greatly or those looking for an upgrade or are investigating different shapes if they can see the overall look / size from a distance and on hand.

    Please post if you can! The more the merrier!

    Ring Size - 3.75
    Diamond - 1 ct + 2 baguettes
    Wedding Band - 2mm Tiffany & Co.


  2. Great idea, I like that thread a lot!

    Most of these don't show my diamond band, I don't seem to have many photos on this computer like I thought I did...

    E-ring is a 1.15 ct H/VS1 Star129 in a Platinum 6 prong solitaire
    Plain band is 2mm platinum band
    Diamond band is a .53ct Raphael Shared Prong band, 5pt stones, in plat.

    I need to get better pics off my home machine.

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  3. What a wonderful idea for a thread. So many of the rings look enormous in the closeup shots, but from a distance they look far more normal. :smile:
  4. LOL Mine is only "huge" for about a foot-2ft distance from my eye. HAHA!

    I will take hopefully a better shot tonight from afar. My camera phone sucks.
  5. i love this idea and it definitely makes sense.

    when i get around to it, i will also take/upload a photo with me wearing my ring from afar.
  6. ok these are apparently not a lot better!

    again, 1.15ct center stone, band of 5pt stones.

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  7. Yes, I absolutely love this idea! Diamond rings look most attractive on someone's hands! Just looking at it is very enjoyable as well as informative.:biggrin:

    I quickly took some new photos and found a snapshot in which my e-ring is recognizable.:P Hoping this thread will extend LONG!

    Ring size: 6(knuckle size); 5(actual finger size)
    Diamond: 2.4 carat G/VS2 Ideal Cut
    Wedding bands: full circle channel setting



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  8. Ahhh, your set is sooo gorgeous! Every time I see your photos here in TPF, I am sooo jealous! ;)
  9. ^^^ I agree!

    Haha, based on the real life perspective, I wish I had asked for a bigger stone now after seeing Einseine's!
  10. Wow such beautiful rings!

    Miss D, I also love your watch. Do you mind sharing the brand? Looks great on you!!
  11. Thank you Nutcracker!
    Were you able to clean your swing ring? :biggrin: Actually with T&C celebration rings, any e-ring look more gorgeous!(IMVeryPersonalO);)

    Thank you missD!
    Your e-ring is one of the best ever seen!;)

    There are MANY ladies here who have much bigger diamonds! But, I am 100% happy with my Tiffany set! I don't have many rings, but nothing on my RING wish list. I swear. A couple of things on my Bracelet wish list...:shrugs:
  12. what a fun thread idea! I don't have an e-ring to share, but I'm looking forward to seeing everyone else's

  13. Aawww. Thanks Einseine! You don't know the amount of headache I had to go thru to get to this point. This is my 3rd reset in 2.5 years. And I'm by far not picky - they were all quality issues!

    Bentley, my watch is a Technomarine Sport. I got it 6 years ago! Very durable watch, the face and hardware still looks very NEW, only the leather strap shows wear. I'm sorry but I forgot the model name, but it's a chronograph watch with a mother of pearl face.
  14. missD:
    Congratulation on your third reset! HUGE success!!!
    Believe me, I can understand what you have experienced. My first diamond was 0.75RB/D/VVS1/EX. I bought the stone alone. I bought it because I thought the key was the best 4C specs! I asked a certain jeweller to set it like a simple 6-prong tiffany setting, but the setting quality was very poor. The shapes of the prongs seemed all different... Then I had another jeweller reset it, which I was not satisfied with very much. Finally I made the stone into a pendant top, which I lost during travelling.:smile: All happned within two years.:nogood:

    Now I know the key is the setting. A cheap setting ruins the beauty of the stones!:P
  15. wow—ame & einseine...both your sets are gorgeous!!! love it...

    this thread should be renamed "rings in action..."