Real-life Moofia@Anime Expo

  1. Today @ the Anime Expo in Long Beach, CA, I had a Moofia sighting!

    This was my first experience at a convention of this nature, so it was a little overwhelming! Gloomybear was there to, he was so nice =)

    I also had a lot of Toki-purse sightings! I think this was most tokis I've seen being carried (in one building anyway).
    MoofiaAX.jpg Gloomybear.jpg
  2. how cool!! were they just there, was toki there too??
  3. Whooo moofia sighting! cool.
  4. I only saw those two Moofia characters, but there may have been more Toki-costumes around. That convention is HUGE and I didn't see as much as I could have. I was also really, really crowded! I'm sure I missed alot of things because it's hard to look at stuff when it's that busy.

    I did find a Sabochan figure (NIB) for $20 =) He had a bunch of Sandy figures to, I kinda regret not buying that to, $20 is a good deal!
  5. LOL how cute!! Life-size moofia!! And Gloomy too! I wish tokidoki people would come to our anime conventions here.. maybe then I'll go :p
  6. I wanted to go this year Dana...but my bf said he would probably make fun of everyone so we ended up not going lolz.
  7. Cute, but good god that's poor penmanship on the Japanese milk!
  8. cool!
  9. hahaha that's awesome!
  10. What's wrong with the penmanship on the milk? I'm somewhat illiterate in nihon-go =(

  11. The second Kanji character doesn't even look like how it's supposed to look at all... It's just horrible penmanship or the person didn't really care to look at the detail of the character.
  12. That's so cool! I didnt go this year since I prefer the Anaheim convention center better than LB. :/
  13. omg gloomy bear =O
    hahaha the moofia is cute too xD
  14. hahaha real life moofia!!! lol very cuuute!! :biggrin:
  15. Yay Moofia people!!
    Um. This inspired me to think we should start a tradition something like Santa Con, except everyone dresses as Mozzarella. eh? :biggrin: