Real-Life Groom

  1. Hahah

    The South Coast Plaza store hired a guy to stand in front, very Abercrombie-esque, in a groom outfit holding luggage.


    I wonder if he got some free groom pieces for doing it.

    Have a good weekend !

  2. That'd be cool! Bet he didn't get any free pieces though.:Push:
  3. I want to see!
  4. Someone take pics!!!!
  5. yes take some pics.
  6. How funny, wish I had see it.
  7. I'm going to SCP Monday, he will probably be gone but if now I will get a cell phone pic..
  8. Neat. I would love to have seen it.
  9. And did he look like the groom on the cles? :lol:
  10. Not quite. beige jacket. beige or white pants. I'm going back to SCP now, I'll try to get a pic on my cell.
  11. I wish they had this in Toronto, I asked around at the Vuitton counters and no dice - otherwise I would have camped out just for guy in groom suit ! :graucho:
  12. That is soooo funny!!!!!!!:lol: And COOL!:supacool:
  13. Same!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Oh too bad I won't be heading down, otherwise it'd be a fun sight to see!
  15. OMG someone has GOT to get a picture of this guy!