Real life experience - The REAL and the FAKE

  1. Real life experience - The REAL and the FAKE

    Okay...So I'm in a training session today with a woman that felt the need to carry her LV with her ALL DAY in the facility. Mind you, our facility has hidden cameras and people would know if someone lifted it.

    I had never seen another authentic LV where I work so when I saw this woman's authentic Speedy 30, I immediately thought it was mines. I said...out loud, "I didn't realize I brought my bag with me". She immediately said, "that's MY bag". I laughed it off.:angel:

    Upon further inspection, I realized that it was indeed a 30 (I have a 25) and the handles were NASTY!

    I asked her when she got hers and told her that I was a collector.

    She responded that she's had hers her about a year. I thought to myself...only a YEAR and the handles are just NASTY! :throwup:

    My Speedy 25 handles are in GREAT shape….thanks to the PF

    Meanwhile, my Black Epi Petit Noe was safely under my desk...2 floors up

    THEN, I spotted a FAKE from some other women! It was a very, VERY bag fake! I saw her eyeballing the other woman’s real Speedy and I just laughed.:roflmfao: :roflmfao:

    The fake had that “imposed” patina…bad, just BAD!

    To add insult to injury, we have a person at my job that sells knock-offs. She saw me coming in carrying my PH and said, “ I sell those! Let me know what you need”.:hysteric:

    I told her…”Sorry, but I don’t buy knock-offs.:rant:

    She had the audacity to tell me that the bags she sells are REAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:censor: :censor:

    I can’t wait until tomorrow…to see what’s next.
  2. I work in a jewelry store located in the business district so I see mostly real Louis Vuittons that get toted into the store (there was a lovely koala wallet and a speedy 25 a few days ago).. but the fake ones are walked by. I guess fake bags, fake bling as well !
  3. It's not the fake bag that bothers me as much as the fact that the people carrying them think that they are fooling everyone. Also that they think that it's crazy to spend hundreds of dollars on a bag when a fake is 40 because it's the same thing ummm... ps ITS NOT! You totally get what you pay for when it comes to bags, without a doubt.
  4. Sometime make me mad when the person who carry fake bag give me nasty look..I can't figure out why she gives me nasty look.

    Some people just don't get it and I am fine with that.
  5. ^ Ditto on that thought
  6. Two new girls started where I work.. with LVs and they look to be real. One of them had a Vavin GM and I too thought it was mine and had to run back to my office to make sure lol! :P

    The other girl had a Mini Looping bag I think but she went into the elevator so I didn't have time to examine it.
  7. Her look wasn't as much as, "so what...I'm a fake", but "darn, mines is a fake".
  8. They just give that look because they know YOU know & they are trying to play it off.
    Tell those nasty fake selling co-employees that it is illegal to sell fakes & take a pic of their little sales group. I think that would scare some sense into them.
  9. Rebecca and I have this friend named Kyle. Kyle once told us about how he was in line and this woman with an obviously fake bag was in front of him. The line kept moving forward and finally it was her turn, but she wouldn't move. He tried to be subtle about letting her know she was next, but she was oblivious. Finally he had to say, "Hey! You with the fake bag! It's your turn!"
  13. OMG!!! Speaking of fakes and real life experiences, I was in line at the bank once (carrying my white MC Alma) and some lady was in line for some other window so we were in two dif. lines, a fair distance from each other. Anyhow, she was looking at my bag and then started talking to me (really loud because she wasn't close to me at all) about some watches she had in her trunk to match my bag and she can sell them to me 2 for $30.00!:wtf: EVERYBODY at the bank was looking at me:hysteric: to see what my reaction is going to be!:censor: I just said something along the lines "Really, that's so nice of you to offer" and as soon as I was done my banking, I dodged out of there SO fast! I think there are still tire marks in that bank's parking lot!:lol:
  14. That's exactly what a friend of mine (that has a TON of fake LV) thinks!!!

    I think I set her straight that the fakes aren't fooling anyone and she claims she doesn't care.......
  15. Irene, you really took the high ground on that one. I guess

    classy bag=classy lady