Real life colors of Trigger in Acid Yellow or Green

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  1. Congrats catherinephua! Please share photos with us! Mine is still in my local custom. I am waiting for my mail forwarding company to contact me, but since it's already Friday, I might just need to wait until next week!
  2. Congrats, catherine! I saw an Acid Yellow Trigger in person the other day, it's definitely a great bag! Loved the gunmetal hardware too! I second tejava's request, please share pics if you can! :biggrin:
  3. I just picked up my Acid Yellow Trigger from my mail forwarding company. I didn't want to wait until next week so I went to pick it up personally. This is the very first yellow bag in my entire life! It looks better than I expected,too. The leather is veiny, so it looks kind of distressed, a little glazed,too.

    I will post pics. later as I am at work and I don't want people around me to know about my purse addiction. :P