Real life colors of Trigger in Acid Yellow or Green

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  1. Hi. I'm new to the brand and am considering the Trigger. Anyone who owns these colors, would you kindly share how they're like in real life?

    Is Acid Yellow more muted mustardy or bright light yellow?

    And green? What shade of green is it? With cool or warm tones? Thanks!
  2. Hi! I don't own either of these but have seen both of them IRL and I can tell you that the yellow is definitely more of a bright light yellow -- it's a strong color, and very pretty. Not neon,'s a bit more wearable than that, but it is a bit bracing, IYKWIM.

    The green has definitely cool tones -- it's not quite seafoam, but leaning in that direction.

    Hope this helps!! And welcome!!! :smile:
  3. Thanks so much Loquita!
  4. You're welcome!! What did you decide on, if anything?

    The trigger is gorgeous in any color, in my humble opinion. ;)
  5. Hi Catherine,

    My green trigger from the Gilte sale arrived today. Here's a pic that gives a fair approximation of the shade of green, with camera flash on. Hope it helps! :smile:

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  6. Oooo Spiralsnowman, that is a very pretty bag! Thanks so much for posting the pic. I have yet to pull the trigger (ha ha) but am leaning more towards the Acid Yellow as I feel warm tones work better for me.
  7. The green looks sharp! Awesome if there is a modeling pic~~~:greengrin:
  8. Just thought I'd let you girls know I've pulled the Trigger - in Acid Yellow! Got a great deal from My Obsessions Boutique and just couldn't resist. Looking forward to the bag!
  9. Congrats! You got the same bag that I was going to get(I believe it's the last one,too)! It was a really good deal with the extra 20% off. Please show us pics. when you receive it. :yahoo:
  10. I just checked MOB and there's still 1 acid yellow trigger left! OMG, should I pull the TRIGGER!?
  11. Go for it! That's a stunning deal, and a pretty awesome shade of yellow too! ;)

    Congrats on snagging the Trigger, catherine!
  12. Ok, I just bought the last yellow trigger on MOB. Barbara is so great to work with. I personaly like the green one, but I already have an Ignes bag in the same color/size range, so I went for the yellow, and this is my FIRST yellow bag in my entire life!
  13. Woohoo, congrats, tejava! :woohoo: Hmm, yeah, I think I noticed a distinct lack of yellow amongst your RMs... Good to know that this'll fill a gap in your bag collection! ;)
  14. TEJAVA: Glad you managed to snag the last yellow Trigger on MOB! I was also wrestling with the colors as green is one of my favorite colors; however I went for yellow as the green seems too pretty for someone like me who is more careless with my looks ha.

    STARKFAN: Thanks :smile:
  15. I finally received my yellow Trigger (I live outside the US) - and it's looooooovely! I just had to proclaim it here! Now I'm awaiting another Trigger in black, bought off the Bay, just days after my first purchase.