Real lamb leather purses from $25 onwards

  1. Stumbled upon this website as they had posted a link on craigslist.

    and got to explore their purses and totes. Had them shipped for the flat rate shipping of $7. Designe were cool and I really like them.
  2. Would not buy from a company going out of business...who knows if/when you get merchandise and then they have your credit card info?
  3. I felt the same way when i was ordering stuff...but I still took a chance and went ahead and ordered it. My stuff arrived this Friday and I had placed my order on Tuesday the day I saw it on craigslist. Stuff looks better than in pictures. They are very good with communication. Also, a friend of mine actually suggested that we should use virtual credit card numbers when we are not comfortable using the real credit the end this business seems like legit.
  4. Jamie80, are you affiliated with this company? No offense, but it's hard to trust what a poster says when her first post is promoting a particular company.
  5. None taken :smile: A new bee has to begin some where..There is always the first time. I am not here to promote any company especially one which is going out of business...use your best judgement. :wlae: