Real HW of NY-Silverado!!!!!!!!

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  1. Do you guys watch this on Bravo?? I'm having a blast posting on Television and Cinema section about this show. Anyway Bethany (a famous cook, only I don't know who she is>>>) was boo hooing about her boyfriend Jason but who cares because my eyes were glued on her Choco brown python Silverado slung beautifully over her shoulder. Jason Shmason!!
  2. I don't watch, but I love that you spotted it! I think you need to copy this into Chloe sightings in the Wild!
  3. I didn't see the silverado but it doesn't suprise me. She's the best dressed out of all the gals! I'm a fan of her green (not black) leather dress and the missoni dress she wore last episode. I'm glad she's a Chloe girl too
  4. I was flipping through the channels and saw that too. I'm like, "It's a python Silverado!" My sister, who was watching tv with me thought I was insane for knowing what kind of bag it was...

    It would be insane NOT to know what a Silverado was! XD

  5. LOLOLOL besides my guilty pleasure in viewing these social climbers I play "name that bag" you'll see Herme's, Chanels, Choo's, Fendi's and then that one random Chloe Silverado that looked so fabulous!!!!!!!!!!

    Itta on the Marth Steward apprentice and Itta on Bethany's clothes, don't get me started on her jewelry, oy!!!!!!!!(I'm totally digging her stuff!)...
  6. I started watching, I have to keep my eye out for the bag...
    Being from NY, I am personally disappointed with their selection of ladies...
    It must be based on their money.
    IMO, my circle of friends are 1000% better looking, have so much more personal drama..the only thing we're missing are the millions of dollars!;)
    Bravo should have hired us!

  7. Go to Television and Cinema section, you can get lost in the threads. Key in on the debate concerning how an employer should address "the help" . It's very heated!!

    Last night's show was beyond hysterical, however it was last week's drama that featured the Silverado. When you see Bethany and Alex shopping the outdoor 'market' be on your toes. The scene that follows this scenerio displays the Chloe. At that point you'll see Bethany in a park talking to her BFF, check out what's on her shoulder<<<<target Silverado>>>>> :supacool:
  8. How did I miss that? It could have something to do with the 'seabreezes' I consumed at Bookclub previously. Last night's show was a stunner. These gals are unbelievable. Like watching a WWF wrestling match - not that i ever do!
  9. ^ What book are you reading in book club? I think I could only be in a bookclub if I could pick the book every month!
  10. Susie, this show may have re-jumped started the Chloe silverados....notice how many python silverados have turned up on ebay lately:shrugs:

  11. I gotta looksy, there was (is) one on MP, like Bal's....gorgeous!

    Are the items on ebay real????
  12. I guess some are, but actually, I have no idea....better ask the chloe detectives....