Real Housewives...

  1. Does anyone watch The Real Housewives of Orange County? Interesting show.. it's like a train wreck, I have to watch. :rolleyes: Anyway, just had to share in last nights episode, the new girl, Tamra, had a khaki/gold 06' legacy shoulder bag.. she took it to her botox appt... I was yelling it out and the style #... lol hubby had a hoot with that! :yes:
  2. Lol I saw that - that show is such a guilty pleasure, I know... also in the last episode last season Tammy was carry a black Soho hobo. :yes:
  3. I saw the girl Mikensie? Georges 18 yo daugher...

    When they were all getting in the limo to go to Miami there was a sig stripe tote on the floor of the limo... then I saw it again in that episode...
  4. Yeah I saw that sig stripe tote too. That same episode also had two LV luggages. I'm noticing more Coach bags on tv now that I'm obsessed with it.
  5. OMG I LOVE this show!! Tammy had a khaki wristlet of sorts in last seasons...the episode where her daughter calls her b/c she just did a fender bender in her new white BMW.

    also, Jeana's daughter Kara has a boatload o' Coach sig, but haven't seen much of it this season as she's away at college.
  6. You know what else I notice about that show? Lauri carries a lot of $85 Kathy Van Zeeland bags!! I spot them in a second because I used to be into them in college.

    Don't get me wrong, they are really cute...I am just shocked at her age and with all their money that she would be into them. Maybe some people just aren't "bag people" and would rather spend money on diamonds, cars etc.

    I miss Jo from the show. She had TONS of designer bags all the time. Mostly LV but sometimes others.
  7. I think Laurie had this bag (LV) in the last episode...


    And Kara had the Damier Saleya I believe too.


    Sorry I know it's not Coach but that's what I spotted!
  8. I've noticed both LV and coach on this show. I missed Tamra's legacy, I will have to check it again.
  9. lol I know, that show... :rolleyes: it is interesting.. lol Yeah, I have noticed the LV but that is so much more common to see among the wealthy I think. It was fun to see all the coach! :yes: I will keep watching for more throughout the season.. like where's waldo!!! :roflmfao:
  10. Okay, I am as much of a bagaholic as everyone else here.... but how come I NEVER catch these stars with their bags? Am I focusing too much on what is going on in the show??? :confused1::confused1::confused1:
  11. hahaha sooo funny that you mentioned this show my DH and I were watching this show last night for a few minutes and he said look babe there's your CARLY... I look at him in awe and say wow honey most guys wouldn't have even noticed and here you are calling it by name!!!:roflmfao: He is too cute!! I didn't see it.
  12. Yep--I saw that too! Glad to see that from 1st glance, her COACH appeared to be real!:yes:
  13. I don't know why, but I love this show too!!
    My DH hates that I watch it...I guess he doesn't want me to realize just how much more I could be spoiled:graucho:
  14. OMG I noticed all of that, I watch way to closely, but I love that show,

  15. it's in the last episode too (the most recent) she goes to get botox and it's sitting on the counter.

    It has gold trim I beleive.