Real housewives of Salt Lake city


Dec 13, 2011
Bucks, Park City
Where outside of Park City?! I used to live in Old town PC till about a year ago.

I watched the show but i tend to watch all the housewives shows. Going to watch a few more episodes before i really decide, as i felt it was just intros and each of the women trying to show how rich they were.
Red Ledges.


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Jun 7, 2008
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I will probably keep watching since it is semi-local to me (I'm in Wyoming and Salt Lake is the closest city to me), but I need them to not give Meredith's son so much airtime. He was trying way to be hard to be cool.
I am assuming "Mormon Royalty" meant they had a ton of money and were well known/had a good pedigree, not that he was literally royalty. I can't imagine anyone super high up in the church would be doing this show, so he's probably not as big of a deal as she made him out to be. You can't have a Salt Lake franchise and not have Mormons associated with it, so I'm not surprised it's so much of a focus in the first season.


Apr 30, 2008
So, based on the previews for next seems Jen isn't letting this whole "smells like hospital" thing go :rolleyes:
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Jun 12, 2008
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These ladies are pulling no stops and bringing out the wardrobes for their first season.
I have seen some big outfits and it's only the second episode.
When they went skiing, they had enough luggage for a long weekend, but with 3 outfit changes each, I guess that means 2+ cases each.

Still having trouble with names, but the one wearing the big red/pink fur things - wow!

All lots of big jewery too.

The poor dad with the drug problem - that wig was hard to not just stare at, then the hear her say that her dad had make millions on hair salons and products - there must be many people cringing about Dad's hair.

There seems to be lots of big personalities with this lot, I think a few of them think they are Queen Bee.

I am really disliking the Tequila lady, she's really seems to be fond of herself.


Feb 18, 2016
United Kingdom
I'm actually loving it, but I feel as if it's just a little *too* niche (location, religion, etc) to be a big hit like the others in the franchise, but I hope there's another season.

The 'smells like hospital in here' drama is absolutely hilarious, I laugh every time it's mentioned because I find it so ridiculous :biggrin: almost too ridiculous to be a real issue.

I really like Heather, she seems to be really sweet compared to the other girls. Jen kind of seems like she's trying a little hard to play a character - she reminds me of the typical 'popular girl' that seems to be (or think she is) the queen bee of a group.

I also looooove the scenery, SLC looks beautiful :amazed: being from the UK, I hadn't seen much of it before.


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Jul 5, 2007
I binged the first 3 episodes. For me, that made it a bit more fun. My HW history is mostly BH so I was glad to see that the Hospital comment was not drug out all 3 episodes. That by the 3rd episode we simply know why they seem to hate each other and it wasn't rehashed. I cannot take another franchise of rehashing the same crap all season. I hope that after this first season we can also move on from the Mormon spin. And I hope all the glam continues. Seems to be more glam on RHoSLC than RHoBH!


Apr 8, 2012
The women are such charicatures of real people. Much more so than the other franchises IMO. Jen’s face has a very strange creepy look, whoever did that to her should lose their medical license.
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