Real housewives of Salt Lake city

Nov 14, 2012
I watched some of the episode. I don't claim to be an expert on Utah, but my Dad was from Utah and raised Mormon, (My mother was raised Mormon and went to BYU, she was from Colorado), but both my parents left the Church when I was a kid. I have relatives in Salt Lake City, some are Mormons, some aren't any more, but I do not recognize these women at all!

I know not all of the women on the show are Mormon, and maybe some are no longer practicing. But basically it seemed to me that the show plays up the Mormon religious angle and then shows them all as hypocrites - Mormons are not supposed to drink - yet they all seemed to be drinking to me. Like all religions I'm sure there are people who are less strict in adhering to religious practices than others, but it just seems sort of exploitive, expose to me. But I guess I should expect that.

And don't get me started on the woman who has her own church and goes around dressing in designer clothes. Can't help but think that the she's siphoning off church funds to fund her lifestyle. And for someone who is supposed to be a Minister, she seems very uncaring and unlikeable.

I also thought it creepy that the son was laying out roses for his father for his mother's birthday and then accompanied her to the party.


Mar 28, 2006
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Seemed like the normal HW show starting out, with everyone trying as hard as they can. OTT plastic surgery, stiletto sandals in the snow, show off antics.

I was curious about their houses. None seemed fabulous to me at all. And I read that most of them don't live in SLC but in various suburbs.

I had a hard time keeping the women straight, especially the two who look alike.

It seems as if none are religious Mormons and are just using their association with it (if they are even Morman) for the titillation factor -- counting on the audience to look for a freak factor.


Apr 30, 2008
I thought the party at the Shah Chalet (including sign) was can tell she just likes to throw parties..which didn't look at that "bougie" to me :lol:
I don't think I'm going to like the blonde, she really seems to be trying too hard since her divorce from "mormon royalty" whatever that means..
Mary? is that the one married to her grandfather? yeah, don't like her..or her need to announce every designer on her body. Her hair was a hot mess at the event.


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Jun 12, 2008
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well, that was quite the first show for Salt Lake City.
There was a lot of information to absorb for one show, I'll have to see a few more episodes before I can figure out all the new ladies.
Agree Lulilu, it was hard to tell two of the ladies apart - I think it was Lisa and Meredith?

So far, none of the ladies seem particularly kind, hopefully that will change.

That birthday party was weird. The lady having the party (Jen?) sure seemed to make the party all about her, not so much the birthday girl.

Heather looks like she's going to be odd woman out, trying to be part of the group. She seems like she just hasn't adjusted to not being part of Mormon royalty, and will spent the season tying to be part of that group.

I did like Whitney, she seemed sweet, but is also unhappy about being thrown out of the church.

Couldn't stand Mary - everything seems phoney about her. And to marry your step-grandfather????
I'm sure her poor church must be supporting her lavish lifestyle. And she seems to be confused that being a bit** and speaking badly of people is ok - not!!!

this season is going to be wild.
Nov 14, 2012
What is Mormon royalty?
I'm not a 100% sure as I've never heard this term (most likely something the marketing team came up with) but I'm assuming it refers to families who joined the Church very early on and followed Joseph Smith (the Founder) and then, after he was assassinated, Brigham Young to Utah, or families who have played a significant leadership role in the Church.

Looking at the Cast profiles it does seem most of these woman really aren't practicing Mormons anymore and some aren't Mormon to begin with.

I agree its hard to tell them all apart.

Not sure if I'll watch - none of the woman seem that nice, and they don't have the glitz or glamour I want in these HW shows. But it all depends on the pandemic, we may be heading toward another lockdown here, if trends continue.

p.s. I have love hate/relationship with the Church do to my own family history but I also find the history of the Church absolutely fascinating. And from an American history point of view, Mormon pioneer trains played an important role in settling and opening up the West.
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Jan 24, 2006
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Anyone??? Lots to say, especially since I live outside of Park City...
Where outside of Park City?! I used to live in Old town PC till about a year ago.

I watched the show but i tend to watch all the housewives shows. Going to watch a few more episodes before i really decide, as i felt it was just intros and each of the women trying to show how rich they were.


Apr 30, 2008
The way these intro's went was a but odd. You can REALLY tell these ladies don't know each other and it's a cast, not a group of friends like they expect viewers to believe.