Real Housewives of Orange County: they're baaaack in Jan.

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  1. OK, shameless guilty pleasure/train wreck watching...the ladies are back in January for ANOTHER season: : The Real Housewives of Orange County 2

    Yeah, I got caught up on all the drama yesterday during a marathon showing while making soup. It's :wlae: , :rolleyes: and :Push: all at once!!
  2. hmmm was the first season any good? i'm intrigued
  3. I can't believe that ANYONE would give these simple women their own show. And then extend it another season? What a waste of time........
  4. I actually love this show. Hubby and I watched it last year and he was like there is no way in heck I would be with any of those crazy women. The only one we actually liked was Jeana. This is going to sound mean but the women are trying to hold onto their youth (seriously they act like teenagers) and are kinda pathetic attention-whores. It cracks me up. Jo obviously DOES NOT belong with Slade. She is just too young and immature and he has an "ideal" of her in his head that isn't real.
  5. After a hard time of taking care of four children, running a household, cooking, straightening up and trying not to lose myself in an panic attack:jammin: , I don't mind a little Mindless Entertainment at night. Some shows are better than others...but it's just nice to get lost in someone else's life once in awhile....
  6. Thanks for the info. I'm a little embarassed to admit how much I loved this show. I look forward to its return!
  7. i know, i saw the tralier for the new season during the marathon! i can't wait, i love this show
  8. I admit that I watched and enjoyed that show too. The women are wacky but fun. That woman that owned the insurance company (Vicky?) drove me crazy! She was too hyper!
  9. I am so very sad Kimberly is gone,though. It just won't be the same without her extensions whipping around dance floors.:crybaby:
  10. i agree with you.... everyone in the series acts like they are 20 something years old. Jo comes across like a golddigger to me. is jeana the woman who is married to the baseball player? i like her too. she is normal and seems nice and motherly.
  11. Yes, that's Jeana.
  12. I love it. From zz top videos and playboy to 3 kids and a real estate career. ;)
  13. yess!

    I was just wondering about that show.
  14. I havent admited to anyone that I watched that show!! But I did. And I will watch the next one, too. It just sucked me in, I dont know how that happened, maybe it was after Runway..

    My dislike of slade really hooked me in more. It was fun to watch ... But poor Jo, she seriously should not drink in public.

    And I agree Jeana was the most normal, but their family was a bit of a mess, I felt sorry for the daughter, didnt you?

  15. Oh I liked Kimberly. I'm not sure I want to watch season 2...