Real Housewives of ORANGE COUNTY (RHoOC)

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  1. Alright! I'll kick it off.
    I notice Vicki kind of knocked being in Wines by Wives with Tamra and then Tamra for being in business with Eddie but what does Vicki do? Goes into business with Brooks.

    She kind of is hypocritical, sorry ironic.
  2. Heather adjusting her hair in the preview was so unprofessional. One should never adjust their hair or clothes when on camera, unless it's written in the script; which I doubt this was.
    Heather is a one line actress, at most.
  3. Did Tamra and Heather know each other before Heather was added to the show? If not then Tamara sure didn't waste any time latching onto her.

  4. I noticed that, too - no good.
  5. no, remember the season when Heather first joined, Tammie was her 'supposed' relator, and Terry and Heather were looking at bare land to build a house on. I don't think it was the one where their house is now, maybe it the one we just saw Terry and Heather looking at this week.
    Anyone know that?

    And yes, Tamara sure hooked onto Heather fast.
  6. thanks sarahloveslouis for posting the clip of the show that Heather is in on the old thread. I'd never heard of it before Heather started talking it up. Was is already on for a season? and now it's cancelled?
  7. Where did I see that blond actress (pregnant chic) in Malibu Country's clipp. It's driving me crazy??
  8. Why why whyyyyyyyyyyyy does Gretchen think she can sing?? Jeez that'd be like me trying to record something. Yeah I can carry a tune but that's about it! It makes me almost want to vomit to think of her and Slade together. They both just seem so fake!
  9. .
  10. Try imdb-it's Sara Rue- she's been in a bit of stuff!
  11. I was surprised they let us hear it without the auto tune and all those other things they can do in a recording studio. Anyone can sound good with enough tweaking in the studio.

    What about her comment about Slade just loving her singing and was really pushing her to get back into it - yeah, yeah, I sure Slade just lives for the moment to hear her sing!

    Boy these ladies sure plug everything they can think of for this show.
    Who do you all think has done it the best - Bethenny? Nene?
  12. Does anyone else feel like Lydia's trying too hard to fit in? Like she's trying to get Vicki to like her by jumping on the anti-slade & Gretchen train as well as telling Vicki she shouldn't invite Lori to her party. Idk... I don't think I like her very much anymore. She's getting on my nerves playing up her "God given quirky silly personality" (or however she had phrased it in her bible group).

    And how hilarious is it that slade had no idea that was Gretchen "singing" on his radio show? Lmao! He's used to the "raw" ish. Haha!
  13. Are Slade and Gretchen getting a spin-off too?
    The scene at the studio was cringe-worthy, between the bad song and the fake crying. No thank you.
    And if calling someone Tupperware face makes them the devil, they are all doomed.
    Next epi will be a lot of fast forwarding for me. It is way too cheesy at this point.
  14. Vicki's middle name is Hypocrite.

    It's Sarah Rue. She usually has red hair. She was in Rules of Engagement most recently (I think). She was their surrogate.

    I hope not. Who would even watch? Gretchen and Slade are from fan favorites, right?
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