Real Housewives of NEW YORK {RHoNY}

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  1. Love the old pictures of Carole. :smile:
  2. I totally agree about Aviva. Naturally, she was likely indulged after that horrifying accident, but I wonder whether her family sought therapy for her to work through the trauma. Of course perhaps they did and it didn't work. It could be that Aviva is too scarred, and so Reid becomes the enabler.
  3. I've just read Aviva's blog - lots and lots of apologizing and grovelling. She knows that the followers of the show can't stand her, and don't want her back on the show, so she's trying to turn the tide on the wave of dislike she's receiving.

    I think it's too much too late - and even with all that apologizing, she still seems to want it to be 'poor misunderstood Aviva'.
  4. Aviva did too much damage... no one is feeling anything but pity for her at this point...
  5. Looking forward to tonight!
  6. I think Ramona came off as a bully.

  7. Ramona always comes off as a semi-bully!
  8. I don't think I even care about the reunion. I am kinda interested in WWL with that Jill woman. It's pre-recorded but I hope Andy doesn't give in.

    She had a huge fan base so I suppose they are giving her a final fare-well to her "fans" but I hope that's all. Nothing more, nothing less.

  9. When is it on? Tonight?
  10. Still x__x at the fact Carole said she was awaken by two male voices...and one of them was Luann
  11. Carole's lipstick!!!:rant:
  12. ^I noticed Carole's upper lip too.
  13. Totally flatlined at that comment :roflmfao::roflmfao:

    Luann is tiptoe'ing the hell around the Thomas issue
  14. Well I was wondering how Luann as going to wiggle out of that.