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  1. That's a whole another subject! Looks like it has already been fixed once.
  2. Just saw the latest episode, did that band really sing 'i wanna f%ck you in the ***!' at a Christmas charity event? My husband legit spat his drink out at that, and he found it even funnier to realise that the countess was the one that booked them, lol!

  3. LOL...:roflmfao: leave it to the Countess....
  4. It served the Countess right after all her class nonsense!
  5. you know what i don't get? they say everything is ampified for the cameras or that the drama is manufactured by the producers. so why would someone who considers themself a successful business woman (aka, Ramona) go on television and act like a complete unhinged lunatic the vast majority of the time? wouldn't that hurt your credibility? same idea about Vicki from OC, would you be her client after watching her screech at Tamra? i know there all shilling something (i'm about ready to barf if i hear Heather mention "Yummy Tummy" again) but the ladies who work for someone else or depend on their reputation as sound and solid are not doing themselves any favors by appearing on these shows.
  6. I agree with you! It really doesn't show them in a good light. Has anyone actually seen Yummy Tummy for sale anywhere?
  7. +1
  8. Nordstrom carries yummy tummy. I think the only housewife who actually worked for someone was Alex, and she lost her job. I am not sure if it was due to the economy or the show.
  9. Ramona has lost her mind!

    That is all.
  10. she said it was because of the economy but i wouldn't be surprised if her employer didn't find an excuse to let her go because of the show.
  11. OMG...Sonja bringing the guy into the bathroom when she had a menstrual issue. That is beyond boundaries, i was gagging.
  12. Sonja has no class! The whole period thing was just TMI.
  13. I love Sonja,but did not need to see that drama on TV.

  14. Ewww, that sounds disgusting! Her ex-husband must be laughing!
  15. What is this thing Sonya always does with her lips??? It's so irritating.
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