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  1. yikes, those food pictures of Sonja's really need some professional help if she hopes to get catering jobs. And a child could have arranged those tulips - and the jelly beans didn't help the arrangement.
    Having Sonja at a party would be fun, but just don't get her to do the catering and arranging.
    I do agree with others here, she doesn't seem to be as catty as some of the other women, I was impressed when she said she didn't expect an apology from Ramona, she accepted her the way she was, and just moved on.

    It was immature of Heather to chase Ramona around the room, but agree it was funny to watch. You could see how uncomfortable it was making Ramona, I was surprised she didn't make Mario leave with her. Chumming up with Luann just showed how rattled she was with the whole thing. I was surprised she didn't get Aviva involved - that showed a bit of class on Ramona's part.
  2. Heather's 'fake smile' was just uggghhh
  3. real-housewives-of-new-york-season-5-gallery-episode-502-01.jpg
  4. I guess she's just so proud of those teeth, she keeps that smile plastered on her face at all times.

    It sure worked with unnerving Ramona.
  5. Lol, Heather's smile I cant. It seems to pop up every episode. *Cries.*
  6. Same here! It looks ridiculous!
  7. ITA. You can tell Carole thinks she is better, smarter, and classier than everyone else, yet she tries to act like she is down to earth.

    And what is with her lips? She looks bizarre.
  8. I think her stuff is real! Like the leaky roof in her house and the hole in her hat, Sonja's things are in disrepair! She just doesn't have the money to fix things after the bankruptcy, hence all the interns and the urgent need to start a business and make a living for herself. Yes, the party wasn't as good as it could have been, but this is her first. At least she's trying. It's tough for a single mom who's filed bankruptcy to start anew and be afloat, especially in NYC. I wish her luck!

  9. Awww, I think Sonja herself needs some TLC.
  10. The more I see of Sonya, the more I like her. It can't be easy to have been a rich man's arm candy for many years, and then find you have to make a living for yourself. Especially the lifestyle she is used to having.
  11. I think out of all the HWs Sonja is actually the one that i would like to see land a rich, successful, wonderful man...
  12. Maybe that's what Bravo wants her to talk about and not about her trip to Afghanistan or working on her book?

    LuAnn is just plain nasty, a tough and tasteless fool, can't stand her. That faux "British" accent (which suddenly came and went away just as fast) was the last drop for me. She has no manners or common sense tact or respect for anyone.
    Ramona and Sonya duo, these two are being themselves, one is a total nutcase and another is living in the shards of past glory. I think Sonja (or Sonya?) is damaged permanently by exposure to such enormous wealth as Morgan's, a woman is dillusional and is drowning, I think she needs to wake up.

    I like Aviva, Carol, and Heather although chasing Ramona was not necessary and be-friending LuAnn will not do her any good. I understand why Heather doesn't want to apologize to Ramona about London, she doesn't have to, but enough already.
  13. Agreed. I don't love her but I have to admit that I like her the best.
    She seems a little lost. Last season she did some bizarre things and I think that her friendship with domineering LuAnn hasn't helped her.
  14. She just seems so fun to be around and i don't think that she expects too much from people, i like her bubbly and laid back personality.
    But yes, befriending Luann is something that slightly concerns me for her, because Luann is always so ready to use people for her own gain i think...
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