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  1. I like Sonya because she doesn't seem to be as mean spirited as the other Housewives. She just wants to have a good time. Not to mention she is a hoot!
  2. The whole princess vs. countess thing is bogus when you consider that both titles are mere courtesy titles, if even that. Aristocratic titles are only authentic in countries which have a monarchy, like England, Spain, the Netherlands, Norway etc. France and Poland are republics, so Luann and Carole's "titles" are polite fiction.
  3. OMG that singer was so cringe-worthy, what in the heck was Sonja thinking hiring somebody like her to do an anniversary event?! I felt so sorry for Aviva that she put her trust in Sonja to basically be given a party for a teenager.
    So funny that Carole and Luann are now butting heads, Luann is actually less and less offensive to me as the seasons progress, the only time she really irks me is when she slates Ramona, we get that you don't like her- so just leave it be!
  4. Ramona got it right again, Heather is fake, fake, fake! Why on earth was she chasing Ramona around the party for trying to make friends? She has said in her interview segments time and again that she does not like Ramona so her words and her actions are at loggerheads with one another, what a strange lady!
  5. I so agree about the singer - so totally out of place at that party. I love the quirkiness of Sonja, but choosing that singer was terrible - everyone looked so uncomfortable during the performance. I hope it didn't go on for long. And details are so important to a good party, why didn't Sonja make sure someone checked the sound system before the party - I guess she was hungover from the London trip.

    I think that Carol probably is a bit pretentious, but I just love all her zings at the Countless, that I forgive her and like her. She's just as catty as the other women in lots of ways - the gossip was flowing from her at the hair salon.
    I think I'll be 'team Carol' for awhile.

    The same with Heather, I not really crazy about many things about her. It was cute to see her go after Ramona a bit, but then felt Heather carried it a bit to far - it went from cute to mean girl.
    But Ramona must be so hard to take, it might have been hard for Heather to stop once she had Ramona on the run.
    Ramona doesn't like when things don't go her way. I bet Mario will pay big time later for hanging out with Heather's husband.
  6. Lol i do love Sonja, she seems like she would be a lot of fun to hang out with but after watching how she put that party together i would not be hiring her to plan any events of mine, i mean i didn't even see any food or proper seating arrangements for people!

    Carole has begun to show another side of herself, but i feel like she had just had enough of Luann, although i don't agree with going behind her back and saying things, she could perhaps try calling Luann out on her one-upmanship, maybe Luann would become more conscious of herself doing it in the future and it could be beneficial to their friendship, after all how is somebody supposed to know that they are irking you if you don't tell them, KWIM?

    Heather is a tool, plain and simple. I really cannot like the woman, she is annoying in SO many ways, i find her to be quite passive-aggressive at times also, i mean what is her obsession with Ramona? She is the one who quite clearly doesn't like Ramona so why keep following her around and trying to start drama, it is your friends anniversary party for Heaven's sake!

    See Ramona does not rub me the wrong way at all, i feel like she is honest with people and although i think her behaviour has been rude and uncouth at times (the time that she made Simon feel so uncomfortable when he went with Alex to the 'girls night' for example) i just think that she is not a backstabber or malicious to those that she considers her friends.
  7. LuAnn was on WWHL last night. Andy played back all her oneupsmanship. I think she was embarrassed, and perhaps didn't realize she was doing it.
  8. After watching the episode, I had the sense that LuAnn didn't realize what she was doing. To me, it seemed like she was just trying to be a part of the conversation. Not that I'm trying to defend her - I think the whole "countess" thing is ridiculous - but one-upping is something I don't think she's aware of. Also, I don't think she bought a cape to one-up Carole; after all, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, right?
  9. That's because her food does not photograph well and she has no food stylist. These are all pictures from her blog:




    Oh and this is a flower arrangement:


    She might have good ideas, but she is either too lazy or too inexperienced to fully realize them. Her work does not look professional.
  10. I was hoping for so much more, Yikes, I could do a better job!
  11. That was the highlight of the show! :popcorn:

    I have to agree about her fashion sense and the princess thing. She's not as in your face as Luanne, but she does it in other ways, eg., in the opening credits she says something like, " Even though I'm a princess, I'm not into the drama...". In essence, we're reminded she's a "princess" every time we watch the show. In the beginning, I thought she didn't take her title too seriously, I'm not too sure about that now. I think she wants to give the "impression" that being a princess isn't such a big deal, but it actually is, because she keeps bringing it up in the show!

    Yeah, Sonja is fun to be with and has a great sense of humor! She doesn't gossip or back-stab anyone. The only thing lacking in her is her taste in men and singers! We all know about her men, but that singer/band is just totally wrong for the party. It was kind of quirky and funny, but that's Sonja for you! :p
  12. As a lover and collector of exotic skins I was appalled at Sonja's black exotic birkin... it is either a fake or the skin needs some tlc.
  13. I think that Sonja's luxury goods, like her townhome that has fallen in disrepair, probably need some TLC, too. I still like her, though. She just seems to be carefree, which could be a front because of the divorce and stuff she's gone through, but she, out of the HWs, seems to be less about the drama and more about "Let's make this thing fun, guys!"
  14. new girls-
    Aviva: i like her, even though she's a neurotic mess, i like her. her clothes are gorgeous and they hang on her frame beautifully.

    Carole: i like her too although i think she throws the princess titile and Radizwill/Kennedy connection around too much. i do wish she'd just "style" her hair instead of let it hang. i love how she's throwing jabs right back at LuAnn but they're not mean, just a little witty and snarky - which is entertaining.

    Heather: i like how she holds her own against Ramona. Ramona is so used to bulldozing over everyone and Heather's not letting her do that to her also. she's a little immature with her vocabulary, and a little on the phony-side but i can live with that.

    veteran cast-
    Sonja: i'm over the SATC act

    LuAnn: she's not driving me crazy this season because she's not up Jill's a**

    Ramona: has drank the potion and now believes in her own hype, she is truly out of control and out of her mind. she's rude and socially immature. i have a real hard time watching any scene with her in it (except when Heather was following her around - it made Heather look silly and childish but i love how she drove Ramona nuts).
  15. I don't think LuAnn bought a cape... that was a cropped jacket with exaggerated/bell sleeves. The fact that Carol sees that as LuAnn taking her look leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

    I thought Heather chasing around Ramona was classic! Ramona always makes a scene, especially with her mouth pursing and crazy eyes (anyone around would be able to see something was amiss, without even being in ear-shot of the conversation). Heather was simply not having it with Ramona walking away. Just because you don't like someone, doesn't mean you can't be civil. Ramona cannot be civil. She is also insecure, rude, and creates more problems than maybe anyone else in the RH franchise (except for perhaps Tamra/NeNe). It's always awkward when people are blatantly ignoring one another at a party... even though Heather's smile is definitely forced, I think it's because she feels uncomfortable with people getting in on her conflict, or making it so obvious that there is one. I don't blame her. NYC is a small city, and she's probably gotten used to trying not to make her business visibly the business of everyone else at the same venue.

    These women need to talk about each other behind their backs and voice their opinions (how they choose to do it is where you can see more of a person's character)... otherwise, they wouldn't be on the show.
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