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  1. That's right! ;)
  2. i like this idea!
  3. lol, but I'm with you on this one!
    As a Northerner, I found it hysterically funny when someone at a very Southern utility company was beyond rude, annoying, and unaccommodating,; after we argued as we are leaving, she says in the sweetest, thickest, most syrupy, Southern accent "and you'all have a nice day!" :biggrin:
  4. I also used to like Ramona as I did Jill in the beginning of the show. Ramona seemed a straight shooter, but like Jill the fame of this show has gone to her head, and the longer she's on the show, the less I like her. Heck I even liked Alex for the first season.

    I totally agree that the ladies should only be allowed to be on the show for a period of time. I think one of the reasons I like Carol and Aviva (and sortof Heather) because they are new - maybe I won't feel that way after a few seasons, I'm already growing tired of Heather and she hasn't even made it though one season.
  5. OMG, yes! She brings nothing to the table. Like someone else said she's basically Cindy Barshop 2.0. (Props to me for remembering that one's name!) I expect (and am hoping) she gets the axe soon.

    Edited to add: I do feel for her situation with her son. I hope things work out for their family. I'm sure she's a wonderful mother but I hate watching her on this show.
  6. I totally agree!
  7. Just out of curiousity, before this show, had anyone actually heard of "Yummie Tummie?" What stores actually carry this? I recently did an internet search and see that carries it but I swear I don't remember actually seeing this line in Nordie stores that I visit.
  8. I've never seen it in my local Nordstrom. It also wasn't til last summer that I started seeing Skinnygirl Margarita's either. Now I'm seeing the ads for them on TV as well.
  9. I saw it in Nordstrom and I remember seeing it online before the show and I always thought "Spanx inspired"
  10. Well, it looks like Heather T has accomplished what she set out to do by joining the cast -- get publicity for her company. I guess that's why all these ladies join - they're either promoting themselves and/or their companies. Why else would you submit yourself for this sort of thing? No one really comes out looking pretty. Except for maybe Maloof from BH - she just really lays low and doesn't stir the pot. I don't mind because girl has serious bank and I like looking at her pretty things!
  11. Hilarious!
  12. That is the same as Bethenny Frankel's shapewear. I haven't seen it in stores, but it is just another and probably poorer attempt to copy Spanx.
  13. Bethanny has shapewear now too? Hm, another area in life in which she can outshine Jill Zarin....
  14. I thought when I watched Bethenny Ever After, she said her shapewear was supposed to be available at Macy's. Jill's shapewear is at Macy's, but I could only find Bethenny's at online retailers.
  15. Larger Dillard's stores have been carrying Yummie Tummy for about 3 years. When I first saw it, I thought it was just a Spanx knock-off, but I don't think Spanx has anything quite like the long camisole thing that I saw.
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