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  1. Me also at first, her and Bethenny were my faves when the show first started...
  2. I also liked Jill in the first season, her and Beth were very funny together, but as what seems to happen to many of the housewives, fame goes to their heads and they become horrible. At the end I was glad to see Jill get the boot - she was just so full of herself, there was no room for friends.

    I see the same thing happening to Ramona - just too full of herself now.

  3. ITA completely. So pushy.
  4. I was so amused by that pair! I have to say I love Ramona and Sonja together (mostly from last season) - they seem to naturally get on very well and they kind of remind me of how my mother is with her bff. Luann needs to go - seriously. I think the only reason she's around is because she's a wide open target for her pretentiousness ("Countess," please!). Maybe the ladies from RHOC should do an intervention on her about putting on airs!
  5. Yes please - lets have a season where the housewives all get together - that might be quite a hoot!
    I'm sure Bravo has someone reading our chats - come on Bravo - bring all the ladies together for a season of Real Housewives of America.
  6. I can't believe Ramona's husband, does not see what a crazy ***** she is?!

    I think he is very nice looking, and always very appropriate...
  7. They've been together for 20 years. At this point, he probably just shakes his head and sighs.
  8. I liked Jill once upon a time too . . .

    they should remake the RH series's. Only allow a cast to serve 2 seasons - then it's always fresh and they can't turn into fame monsters.
  9. Awww see i like her, i mean she can be pretty forward with what she says and she doesn't hold back but i would rather somebody like her who would tell me to my face than somebody like Heather who acts all nicey nice to my face and then slags me off behind my back. I like real, KWIM?
  10. But, every time Heather and Ramona have been together in the same room (after the "you talk too much" incident) they are surrounded by people. They both have to be civil in those situations and not make other people uncomfortable. However, Ramona made a big scene at Sonja's party and dragged Mario out of the party. That is not how she should have behaved.
  11. I like people to be honest and not gossip behind my back too.
    But all too often people use the excuse of "I'm just being honest! I'm a straight shooter!" as a scape goat for being rude as h3ll.

    You can be honest w/ people and not behave like a total a$$hat. Lots of functioning adults have mastered this.
  12. Yes i agree in that Ramona should not of raised the topic to Sonja whilst at her party, and then proceeding to leave abruptly because Sonja was not on her side was juvenile, but at the same time i can understand her being upset at Sonja, i think when you are a loyal friend yourself then you expect the same in return.
    I still think Heather is incredibly fake and too-faced, she could of told Ramona somewhat how she really felt about her without causing a scene, you know something along the lines of "Yes you did upset me with what you said to me, i do not think that we see eye to eye and this is not the place to discuss this" but then again i could not see Heather doing that considering that she invited Ramona to her friends store for a girls shopping trip, tells her to her face that she has no problem with her and then proceeds to say in the interview segment that she really doesn't like Ramona but 'is not the sort of person to say it to somebodys face', that tells me all that i need to know about her...
  13. I'm probably the only one...but I'd rather people be nice to my face and talk about me behind my back. lol I don't need the negativity in my life...they can keep it! :smile:
  14. lmbo! :lolots:
    Ignorance is bliss! :giggles:
  15. I totally agree!
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