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  1. I have to say I've really enjoyed reading everyone's comments about the latest episode. Just wanted to chime in with my thought. Just a quick sip of lemonade before I start...

    First, I didn't think it was possible to find someone to skeeve me out more than Simon, bless his heart, can. Then I watched Luann's date. I actually skipped ahead during it because I couldn't take it!

    And I was almost to the point where I was liking Kelly in some small way, but her tirade came out of nowhere and was so ridiculous. I was watching it like, Stoooooaaaahhhpppp but she didn't. It was like she had just been looking for an opportunity to say all these "clever" things she had spent time coming up with before the trip. And they weren't even good digs! Cook vs. Chef? Ho-bag??

    Bethenny looked great- I loved her dress.

    I too didn't miss Jill- I didn't even think about the fact that she wasn't in the episode until I was reading this thread and people were saying how nice it was without her- totally agree.
  2. weee! new thread!
  3. What a time to close a thread! lol.

    Cherrasaki-Thanks for posting that excerpt from Ramona's blog. (post 5029). Very interesting.

    In my last post I wondered what was making Jill act so miserable All of the time this season. I figured something else had to be going on in her life for her to be so hateful towards everyone this season. And I had my own speculations on this... But I can't think of anything that would justify her disgusting behavior.

    And I totally agree with Roo and Cherraski regarding that gross lizard man. I thought the Countless was just giving him a pity date. But I guess she really likes him. That conversation about them both going off to the Hamptons just made me :sick::sick::throwup:
  4. I know, I think Jill must have sat down with Kelly before the trip and told her what to do. Unfortunately Kelly must have lost all Jill's "notes."

    I was starting to like Kelly a little bit more this season too--like when she told Jill never to send her an email like that again--. But when I see her as Jill's sidekick and she starts attacking peopley constantly, it get's old. I was wishing Kelly didn't go on this trip by the end of the episode (though at first it was entertaining). And I think I'd like the show better if I never saw Jillousy on it again.
  5. did i imagine this or did anyone else catch kelly saying something like "if you had this" (gesturing to herself) "you wouldn't give it away"?!? :wtf:
  6. i caught that too! i was thinking "what a man's body?"
  7. maybe she was referring to a hidden penis
  8. :nuts:
  9. I didnt finish reading the other post from the last thread...:sad:
  10. LOL, it just picks off right where it left off, doesn't it.
  11. You heard it. She is so full of herself.
  12. Yeah...I clicked on the past thread..I had to catch up. :nuts:
  13. I have watched and watched(my husband wants to know why I must watch everytime it's on, what can I say??)I see the man in the background at single sonya's party, is it really Anthony Hopkins? I think it's the guy who runs the charity that the party is for. This has been bothering me-i hate to see people age!!!!! Who is sure that it is Anthony Hopkins?
  14. I caught that scene again, and it doesn't look like Anthony Hopkins to me.
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