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  1. She's really going to crash the party?:nuts:

    Great clip. I love Jill's explanation of why she is going. Oh, yes, Jill, no one sees through you. And no one would ever guess that the real reason you are going is because you crave attention and drama. You are already planning on having someone come rescue you, but you are really going because you think it would be a nice gesture to show your true friendship with Ramona (who you constantly insult)? I doubt they had to give Jill a bonus to go there. She just seems like a really sick person on a mission this season. I wonder what is going wrong in her life that she is acting this miserable ALL the time. And who would buy her book when she acts this way? I don't think I want advice on how to raise my child so she acts like Jill.:nogood:

    I wonder if this clip happens after the clip where we see Kelly screaming on her bed (because she's afraid of the gift bag she just received from Bethenny). In that clip Kelly has already told Jill the others are saying things about her.

    I never thought I'd say it--because, let's face it, the drama is entertaining, but I hope they get rid of Jill next season. Perhaps this will break up the Kelly-Countless-Jillousy alliance which I am getting so sick of watching.:throwup::sleepy: I think I could tolerate Kelly and the Countless without Jillousy.
  2. please find it! I need a good laugh.:p
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    Via Ramona’s blog:

    I was very disappointed in Jill, as I knew she had another trip planned for the same time period. Her trip was going to be longer and it included the Thanksgiving holiday and it was not with Bobby or her daughter. Do I need to say more?
  4. Oh

    I just watched the latest episode. All I can say is that guy LuAnn is out with is beyond creepy... I think my neighbors (and their neighbors) must have heard me screeching every time the guy leered at her and opened his mouth to laugh.... :yucky:

    ew ew ew ew ew ew ew ew ewwwwwwwwwww
  5. ^Not only that every time he opened his mouth and tried to kiss her! That was major eeeeeewww!

  6. You mean, she can actually entice yet ANOTHER foolish man?????!!! :nuts:
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