Real Housewives of New Orleans?

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    Bravo may be expanding their “Real Housewives” franchise. We just got our hands on an email sent to the New Orleans Hornets Director of Community Affairs office from a Bravo/NBC producer. And it sounds like the franchise is going to New Orleans.
    The email states that the producer (the same one who produced the other “Housewives” cities) is looking for New Orleans women who are interested in possibly being featured in a possible “Real Housewives Of New Orleans” show. So of course, said producer wanted to reach out to the NBA wives and community first.
    One of our New Orleans sources tells us that Hornets baller Chris Paul’s fiance Jada is already in talks to be a part of the cast. The producer is currently reaching out to certain organizations in the city to gauge women’s interest in the show.
    The New Orleans cast would join the current casts of O.C., New York, New Jersey, Atlanta, and the currently taping Beverly Hills. And also the heavily rumored future cities of D.C., Dallas, and Boston. I’ll be watching…
    EDIT: The link is acting funny. I found the story on The Young Black and Fabulous
  2. Hmmm...This should be interesting. Hopefully this will be a real diverse cast.
    **Side Note** RH series need to do a show in the midwest! Chicago or Detroit since they are the most recognizable cities in the midwest.
  3. Interesting. The franchise needs a bit more flavor.
  4. I know! I would love to see the series go international with places like Paris, Milan, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Beijing, or Tokyo.
  5. i want to see orlando fl or miami fl or chicago
  6. I'm from New Orleans, not too excited about this one... Is the Hornets GF even from NO?
  7. I can't wait for Dallas and Beverly Hills. I still want Miami & Vegas!!
  8. Miami/Boca/Palm Beach area would be FUN. I wish they'd go there soon!
  9. I'm not even from Miami, but I still think they should have it there. I don't get excited hearing about New Orleans...
  10. I heard rumblings about this on the internet, but didn't know if it was true or not. I think it could be fun. I'd watch. :smile:
  11. Holy cow, how many of these are they going to have? Pretty soon they'll be able to make a channel of just Real Housewives shows lol!
  12. There is a rumor they actually interviewed women in Vegas. Supposedly, they ran the ad on Craiglist which was probably their first mistake in not drawing the crowd they wanted. There were a couple of women that came forward stating they were picked. They were RE agents but not the big successful agents many of us know. We heard they didn't get the type of ladies they were interested in. Those women aren't going to want to be on a show like this.
  13. Ohh, that would be nice.

    I agree about he Miami, someone said.
  14. Interesting. I know the well-heeled, professional types wouldn't want to be attached to a show like this due to the potential backlash and scrutiny- but it is wierd that they could not find Vegas women who love to spend and show off.

    Boobs out, sky high CLs, fancy cars, etc. To me it seems like Vegas would be one of the easiest cities to get that type of castmember. Or are they really looking for a whole package- sexy, or at least slim and smart?

    I know outside of the strip Vegas is like many other US cities, but the nature of the strip itself encourages that behaviour- am I wrong?
  15. Spending & showing off when you don't have it? Bravo has already done that with most of these shows. Running an ad on craiglist is only going to get you more of the same. Maybe Bravo didn't want more of the same this time? 80% of the homes here are upside down on the mortgage. Maybe the 20% who have it, know they have it & don't need to show off? Its not everyone's desire to be on a reality show.

    No your not wrong about what the strip encourages. Many of the people who live here say they never go to the strip.