Real Housewives of NEW JERSEY (RHoNJ)

  1. Kim G is bad news... nothing stays private or personal with her..
  2. Exactly! I don't think the reporters writing the news story are familiar with what Hermes bags look like (except for the Birkin). Anyway, you have to be careful about how you present something like that in a news story. You can't just say that Teresa Giudice arrived at the courthouse carrying a $3,200 handbag, not unless you absolutely know it's a genuine Hermes and not a knockoff. When writing a news story, never, never assume. It could get you in trouble.
    And yes, you're right, eventually it will be mentioned, along with all their extravagant spending. But if you ask me, the Giudices better be more worried about that marble-filled mansion of theirs. Wait until the judge gets a look at that! :nono::nono::nono:
  3. I'm still surprised that she would carry that to court although I don't know why it surprises me. These people are on a reality tv show being filmed in their mansion, in their cars, having parties, getting their makeup done...even if she showed up with an old Guess bag, at this point the damage is done. (although some court attire coaching might help)
  4. Kim G is disgusting. And Monica isn't much better.
  5. I was wondering who turned them into the feds. I remember the controversy over their doing the big B. It is often said that if you undergo a bankruptcy, not to go around telling everyone you know. You might have enemies who would whisper in the trustee's ear. (Yes, they're public record, but most people don't go digging in PACER!)
    Kim G. is a sleazy individual. Ditto for Monica. So I guess they would know sleaze.
    There was always something very shady about Tree and Joe. Did anyone ever notice that she would go around paying for stuff with big wads of cash? (She did ask if she use a debit card also).
    Joe is supposed to be some big contractor, but you never heard of him.
    Back in the day, it used to be possible to fake documentation for mortgages. I didn't do it. I had a lawyer friend who told how it was possible.
    What so sad is that people get caught up with the idea of the high life and then they will do anything. I know, they will have their day in court. But you can't tell me that they're blameless.
    I do feel sorry for the kids.
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    Wasn't Monica the wife of the lawyer that was representing Juicy's business partner that was suing the Gudices for fraud...about Tre's courtroom fashion I remember on that E! Show with the girl from the bling ring (can't believe I actually watched it) her lawyer made her go shopping for a more conservative wardrobe( no 6 inch louboutin's or anything designer)
  7. Monica is a lawyer & yes she represented Joe's business partner when he sued Joe for fraud
  8. An interesting thing I've read Monica Chacon say, is that Kim G didn't invite her as a guest to either the Posche fashion show OR the Xmas party at Joe & Melisssa's. A Bravo producer contacted her and asked her to be a guest of Kim's at both events.

    Not that it makes either her or Kim any better since Monica going (while being the lawyer suing Tre & Joe) is pure drama, but the fact that Bravo actually set it up shows how low they will go to throw their own "employees" under the bus for the drama and good ratings.
  9. Bottom line, no one can be blamed for Teresa and Joe Giudice's legal mess but Teresa and Joe Giudice. Regardless of who has been helping federal investigators, there had to be enough evidence against the Giudices for them to be indicted.

    Teresa and Joe have been living a facade for years, and it's affecting all aspects of their lives.
    It's damaged Teresa's relationship with her bother and sister-in-law. The Giudices have tried to keep up with the Joneses - the marble-filled mansion, the cars, the expensive possessions are obviously a life they can't afford. And remember, they had a nice home before building the home they're currently living in. Why do they feel they need to have so much that they obviously can't afford to the point of being $11 million in debt?

    The Giudices have spoiled their children to the point that even at a young age, there's a sense of entitlement and a lack of appreciation. The Giudices may have been thinking they've been giving their children the best of everything, but they've actually been cheating those children out of a lot more. In the end, losing their lavish life is going to be the least of their worries. Those children are going to lose their parents if they go to prison. And in reality, these children have been innocent victims. It's been up to their parents to instill them with a value system and sense of right and wrong. Children don't raise themselves.
    What's scary is that Teresa and Joe seem to have no concept of consequences.

    What's going on has become way more serious than just chatter about a reality TV show.
    Their problems are real life, and whatever the outcome of this federal case, Teresa and Joe Giudice are going to be facing some real consequences.
    And unfortunately their four innocent girls will also be paying the price.
  10. I agree with you 100%.

    What I find interesting are the comments made at the bottom of that article (in the posted link). Everyone is blaming everyone but Teresa and Joe as if they have done nothing wrong. It gripes me to no end when people like this shuck their responsibility and think they are above paying taxes. They have NO one to blame but themeslves.
  12. I definitely agree that Tre and Juicy are solely to blame. However, I can see how they got caught up in it. I don't think they had any intention of it becoming what it did, it probably started as a little fudge and then one lie lead to another and next thing you know... Anyway, they should have known better and made better choices, and now they're going to have to pay the price. I hope this will be a lesson to anyone who's tempted to stretch the truth on a loan application or taxes!
  13. What they are accused of is way beyond getting "caught up in it " and starting out as a "little fudge." Falsifying documents is what I would consider as serious criminal conduct.
  14. No I agree, this was way beyond getting caught up. Reading the indictment really made me made. They lied to get money, then lied to avoid paying it back. They deserve what ever they get. This is why the Country is in the mess its in thanks to people like them. Joe went to the trouble to "make up" tax returns so they could get mortgages so I don't even want to hear they did not know or people were out to get them. BS. Tre also knew what was going on. Two false W-2's to show Tre was employed???!!!
    Also, not really surprised the Attorney for the guy Joe cheated got involved. I don't really blame her, her client was ripped off and then they parade around New Jersey spending and rubbing their cheating and lying in so many noses what did they expect???
    That indictment really shows how guilty they are. They knew lying about their assets and income when filing for bankruptcy was WRONG and did it anyway. They did not get caught up, THEY WERE GREEDY!!!!:rant: