Real Housewives of NEW JERSEY (RHoNJ)

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  1. Melissa is a sh*t stirrer besides being extremely dysfunctional. There is a meanness
    under that "angelic " smile.

    She knows Tre & Joe are struggling to gain some kind of healthy brother
    & sister relationship.

    Like Dr V. says, they need one on one time together...

    Melissa, why can't you just step back & let them try & find their way..

    Why sabotage that?? Is she so jealous & insecure??
  2. She is... but Tre is doing enough damage herself. She takes no responsibility.

  3. Agree.. Tre does not take responsibility but doesn't have
    too much emotional depth either...

    But she seems to be listening/talking to Caroline who is
    trying to get through to her & explaining both sides of the
  4. Cause I can't quote the old thread since it's closed

    DivineMissM ITA it's because she was a stripper. THey are old school and being a stripper is something that would really offend them. Also I think how their whole relationship started wasn't it said that the only reason why Mel started dating Joe was because she wanted to get married & settle down and her ex had no desire to do so, supposedly she still saw him while dating Joe. Also wasn't Joe dating a few girls at the time and he had to settle down with Mel because she got pregnant?

    I think Tree & her bro both don't want to take any responsibility for their actions. I think it's a case of them being two peas in a pod, they are both being stubborn and don't want to admit to any wrong doing because of their pride.
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  6. And maybe that's how they dealt with things when they were younger at home - never take responsibility and blame the other one.
  7. LOL somehow I don't think he'd shave his head he's too vain. He'd rather just hid his shame under stupid skull caps. Which actually makes the problem worse because your cutting of circulation to the scalp when you wear a hat 24/7.
  8. Sorry I'm just catching up on my DVr. Why would Melissa run and give Joe back his hat after the fight? So no one can see his balding hair???
  9. no, it was so no one would see his spray-on hair.
  10. ^ so sad.
  11. :roflmfao::giggles::giggles::nuts:
  12. Melissa is not happy Caroline agreed agreed with Tre. Melissa was over the top "Let me kiss your ring. You are the Queen." She was being sarcastic.
  13. Oh no Tre, you look:yucky:. Did she pronounce interpreted correctly?

    Nip it in the butt..