Real Housewives of New Jersey {RHoNJ}

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  1. Jaq needs help.

    Sometimes less is more when it comes to talking.
  2. The two boys making fun of Jaqueline and Teresa was awesome.
  3. Jacqueline loves drama. First she calls Tre to come and confront her about her personal business. Then says "I'm distancing myself from you and your family" THEN goes to Melissa's party and says "I need to know where I stand with her" and says Tre rejected her as a friend...

    Jac please have a seat...PLEASE!

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  5. Yo! I be wanting so badly to jump into my television screen and fight Teresa when she says things like "I haven't changed", "I don't hold grudges" and "It wasn't my fault". GRRRRRR!
  6. Jaq just got asked on WWHL,,why did u confront Teresa at the party.
  7. YAASSS! Loved that part. My sister & I do that all the time.
  8. +2
  9. That was priceless!
  10. I am truly convinced that Jacqueline is extremely unstable. There is some sort of mental issue going on and she needs either AA or a therapist. She is acting like a lover scorned.
  11. I really do see where Teresa is coming from. If Teresa and Jaq are friends and talk on the phone everyday, ect., then why does she need to find out if what the tabloids are saying are true?

    Obviously if Jaq is really friends with Teresa and they talk everyday, she would have told her if she was going to jail or whatever the tabloids were saying. Since they were not true, Teresa did not feel the need to talk about what the tabloids were saying because she thought her best friend would know better than to believe the lies.
  12. I think Jacqueline was getting too emotional over it. I get what she means about the contradictions and lies, but she practically had a panic attack over it. She could have just told Teresa she wanted a break from the friendship and then played it by ear. She must be a very emotional person.
  13. :yes: I can see why Ashlee is so messed up. She must have been confused her whole life. I know I'm confused, not to mention frustrated and aggravated by Jacq!

  14. I didn't see any contradiction nor lie there.. why would she believe a tabloid over her friend? if Tre said that what the tabloid printed is not true, why is Jac having a hard time believing her. I buy Life & Style almost on a weekly basis ( just to look at the fashion section) and I can tell you 100% that most of the crap they print are false. How many times have we read that Brad and Angelina are getting a divorce and instead they got engaged. Jac is unstable, Caroline is insufferable and Chris needs to leave the women to sought out their issues themselves.
  15. Teresa's Joe is an *** though... I feel really sorry for Tre. I understand why she had to go cry to Dina after the ambush because her crappy husband wouldn't have listened.
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