Real Housewives of New Jersey {RHoNJ}

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  1. Funny that the Realtor didn't show a pic of that ugly kitchen of hers and the bathroom. I remember the episode when she was showing the house to a broker and thinking what bad shape the hosue was in.

    The landscaping and the yard are really lovely, but for me, the house is dated and that bedroom furniture?? WTF????
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    The psycho accused Maher of murdering her dog. :smile:

    ETA: Sorry, I answered before I saw the other 3 posts saying the same.

  3. Near Kim G's primary home or one of her rented properties?

    agreed. Thats messed up the house wasn't paid for.
  4. You didn't read closely...

  5. Did Kim G tweet the psycho's new address? :smile:
  6. me too

  7. I'm confused, Kim G lives in a big house in NJ, no?
  8. does anyone know how long the reunion will drag on? I really hope Andy doesn't do a 3-part like NY. 2 hours and it's over. Although, I would pay a pretty penny to see what didn't make the final cut. I want to see the WHOLE taping, no edits!
  9. That's some cheap furniture!
  10. I have't seen anyone mention this yet, but interesting how T's team was able to postpone the auction until the beginning of October..
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    it was mentioned. Actually it wasn't postponed by T's team, but the court. The court needed to re-evaluate the value of T & J's belongings and spending habits, since they spent upwards of $60K right after filing for bankruptcy!
  12. ^Thanks^
  13. She's intellectually bankrupt:graucho:.
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