Real Housewives of Miami

  1. i cannot wait for this season!!
  2. Hells yea. Mama Elsa was the star.
  3. I'm probably in the minority in the interwebs but I really liked this franchise the best. Maybe it's because the ladies on this show remind me A LOT of the women in my own family. It was nice to have some sort of "ethnic flavour" on Bravo that was familiar to me: loud and spicy. Lea Black, though, seriously needs to go. Seriously. She doesn't fit in AT ALL with the other ladies and seems eons older than the rest of them. (Except for maybe Mama Elsa, whom my DH refers to as "that one from 'The Dark Crystal!'")
  4. Man, if the Housewives franchise can't get legitimately famous or successful women they reach out to the wives of TV surgeons (Heather Dubrow, Maloof-though she's from a famous fam in her own right)....blaaah, Bravo, I'm so tired of this formula. ARE YOU LISTENING, ANDY??? :rtr: I'm not sure what this emoticon is doing but I'm sure he's also outraged at the TV Surgeon-Wifery formula as well!
  5. i'm think this is because any true socialite with serious money isn't going to put herself on a reality show.
  6. Oh I totally agree! But to to borrow the wife of some guy who was on some plas. surg. show is a tired formula....but now that I think about it at least they are *real* housewives instead of real *recent divorcees* LOL. I was shocked when the DC franchise came out. I used to live there and everyone i knew worked for or had ties to govt/politics. When DC came out I was like, "who in their right mind would sign up for something like this?" considering reputation is pretty important to most peoples' careers. I guess problems with recruiting is why they never came out with a second season for that area. Maybe they should try to find DC/NoVa plastic surgeons and contact their wives? LOL "the real housewives of Loudon County" may be on the horizon.
  7. Mama Elsa was so unique & exciting to watch. She made that season.

    I liked the way Bravo was going with NYC adding Heather & Carole ... successful, intelligent women instead of just rich, boring drunks.
  8. are 100% right! i guess they figure if they bring in surgeon's wives, they will get aesthetics, eye-candy (or women to pick apart), fake appearances, superficial living, and drama!
  9. just read, the premier is Thurs, Sept 13 at 10/9C
    4 new cast members ... hope this does the trick

    i'm also glad this isn't on Sun, Mon, or Tues night ... i like to spread them out a little
  10. So glad Larsa is gone! And that other annoying one. :smile:
  11. Christy. the replaced Mrs. Scottie Pippen and Christy, said they didn't want to be like "basketball wives."
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  13. i like larsa but she lives in chicago now
  14. Lol this looks like it could be entertaining!