Real Housewives of Miami

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  1. I giggle everytime that one chick says "get it straight, this is not new york, it's Miami!" Can't wait to hear the context behind that.
  2. ^^I laugh at her statement as well. I wonder what is the story behind that statement...
  3. Watching the sneak peek preview and so far I don't like any of these women. They ALL seem so fake and putting on a show for the cameras
  4. those mugshots :nuts:
  5. Scotty Pippen looks like he had work done as well
  6. Is it bad that although I think they're fake, I am kinda excited for this season?
  7. *~*I am too...I'm watching the sneak peek now!!*~*

  8. She is talking about NY Fashion Week compared to Miami Fashion week.
  9. ^Hehe me too!
  10. Apparently Larsa's family wasn't too keen on her dating Scottie, until they found out that he was '$cottie Pippen NBA player'.....
  11. was it because of his color?
  12. LMAO!! I instantly thought of Kim K, when she came on the screen

  13. I think it was more heritage then color
  14. oh I see...
  15. Another one with an older husband...