Real Housewives of Miami

  1. ^Me too, I'm one of the few that just isn't interested in NY. I didn't get into it at the beginning, and by now I'm just not interested enough.

    That's good- I thought from the pictures that at least two of them looked Latina. Bring this one on- I LOVE Miami!:yahoo::yahoo:

    I bet they will go to Chicago at some point, it's too much of a major city to ignore. Perhaps they prefer to shoot in places with balmy weather? The hotter cities 'look' prettier for location shots in between the segments.
  2. i just read this article on yahoo and was going to come here to post about it lol! this cast looks very interesting, no doubt.. i too wonder when the RHW franchise will go to texas or something, it would be interesting to see the lifestyle there!!! im a true jersey girl so i support my girls no matter what LOL, but NY and NJ are so close together i dont know why they would do two franchisies there and not one in a different part of the US. same with the OC and beverly hills, yeah they were two diff shows but they were relatively close together distance wise, lol. maybe midwest is next?
  3. there is an arab chick in this cast too! i like that theres some diversity here!
    i also thought they might go to chicago.. that is a veryyyy major city and they cant completely overlook it lol... i kinda wish they would get an indian in any of the shows at some point...

  4. Thanks, I will check it out again.

  5. Exactly, Indian, Asian, etc. They are many women of varying ethnicities out there and it is NOT reflected in the franchise and it makes me NOT want to watch them.

    Yes, as people of color, we do want to see people who look like US on our shows.
  6. Well...I'll watch it, but I'm disappointed. I was looking forward to NYC! Surely I can't be the only one!
  7. I think it's time for Bravo to come up with a new concept for a reality show. I'm tired of this 'tour' of the US - the women seem to all be the same and act the same. It's interesting to read the descriptions/resumes Bravo posts, but then realize that it is going to be just the same ol, same ol.

    You need to check out Univision & Telemundo and see the 'representation' of Latin women on these channels.

    I did not watch DC for this reason and because of the crazy couple. Booo to Bravo for that.

    Yup. Not surprised though. A co-worker asked me to quickly name a well known Cuban/Cuban-American, I said Celia Cruz. He then showed me the picture of the Miami HW...sigh...

    I don't think there is enough diversity, but that's tv. I have a different image of what represents Miami, but I also had a different image for DC, Atlanta & NJ. They were disappointing albeit very entertaining.

    I'll probably watch just so I can come on here and blast the women with you guys!

  8. You're not alone; never got into NY or DC. Actually, almost everyone I know who watches Real Housewives never saw a single episode of DC...
  9. my two cents: i'll still watch NY, NJ, OC and i loved BH. DC was a snooze fest and i'm done with Atlanta ... just too over the top with Nene's screaming at Kim and Dwight and how she loves to get right in peoples faces.

    i'll definitely check out this new one too, it looks interesting.
  10. wow. now this should be an example of how NOT to get too much PS as you get older.


  11. the Latin women would make it a tellanova:p

    sorry I live in Miami

  12. so true about the summers, most Miamians leave to NC mountians in the summer

    also most women that I know go to S. America to get PS in Miami because it's cheaper, scary but true, I sat a kid's bday party and the group of women talked about their PS
  13. I don't speak a lick of Spanish, but I will sit in front of my TV with a bag of popcorn watching random telenovelas.... the facial expressions alone are priceless :roflmfao:

  14. Me too! I remember growing up, my babysitter use to watch them and I use to look at the TV like WTF!!!
  15. you forgot about the other (so claimed) successful black woman of the group: Paul Wharton :graucho: