Real Housewives of BEVERLY HILLS {RHoBH}


Mar 24, 2009
Hold on, EJ spent $5m of other people’s money on Rinna’s lip line, which compete’s with all the other amazing lip glosses we already have like Chanel and not so great Kylie, Kim’s KKW aka SKKN, Fenty. Ok, Rinna loses. Her lips comes in a very far far last.
So far, it is all rumors and innuendos…
Your friend Ronald is coming hard at Rinna because she still supports Erika.
He needs a check from Bravo. He is making this show 10000 times more exciting that it really is :lol:
Sep 2, 2007
Lol! When I started following Ronald, he was just some attorney with a Housewives fetish. Eventually, his fetish made him a multi-millionaire! He gathered a group of disgruntled hikers and sued Mohammed Hadid for lack of access to hiking trails in Franklin Canyon adjacent properties that Hadid owned and intended to develop into a multi-housing suburban development. Earlier this year Ronald secured a $26million verdict against Hadid. Ronald’s minimum fee is $10,400,000, not including costs and interest! The Housewives fetish paid off for him, BIG! And this is only one of his many jobs he got because of the Housewives. The Bankruptcy Court just appointed hm to locate and seize Girardi assets to pay the victims. He will be paid according to the terms of the Bankruptcy law order, an hourly rate, but it is a job that does not suck!


Oct 29, 2013
I don't know this expression or maybe it's an original of yours? .
I do apologize that the “ugly American” term offended some of you. But it is a very real term and acknowledged term in the international community and let’s be honest, some Americans who are not familiar with this term are understandably offended.

@floatinglili, That is very sweet of you to give my daughter that grace. She is fairly well traveled, so I was surprised at her attitude. She is usually much more refined and gracious. This is her first solo trip. I am raising an adult, not a Hamlin/Rinna LA POS, God Forbid.
Since you replied to one of my 'quotes' I take it you feel I was offended and required an apology? No, no apology required. I'm truly sorry you felt the need to do so.

I 'thought' we were having a conversation. It appears I ruffled some feathers because I offered input. When my input disagreed with others, 'they' felt the need to pull a Rinna. I hope I'm wrong but it's not looking good.

Apparently there are Rinna types on this thread who require all to agree or the slayer's mouth shows its ugliness.
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‘And then, a plank in reason broke...’
Aug 2, 2006
Erika shaping up and making threats like she’s in a drug ring ‘I’m coming for you’ omg, like gutter-dwelling trash.
My residual sympathy has evaporated. Who on earth speaks to people like that.

For rich people some of the BH ‘ladeez’ sure are rough.


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Oct 12, 2012
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I'm so tired of Kyle's big eyed, open mouthed look of shock on her face, the one she does for her reaction shots.
Yep - we saw that act many times tonight! That whole scene in Kyle's kitchen as they're reading the news about Tom's first appearance (lack thereof) from the cell phone was sooooooo staged. They were all acting. That may not have even been the exact day of the reporting, but staged to appear that way.


a Fendi bag and a bad attitude
Jul 5, 2007
None of Erikas story makes sense. If she really knew in 2015 that Tom was unapologetically cheating then why didn't she start saving for her exit / possible divorce? Look at how she spends. She EASILY could have had a secret bank account or a number of handbags stuffed with hundreds of hundred dollar bills. Tom was not watching what she spent. If a man told me "I'm going to cheat because where are you going to go?" Oh hell no !!!! I'd have been stuffing that LV luggage with $$$ starting that day.


Oct 10, 2014
San Fran Bay Area
I'm more confused now than I was before--didn't Erica tell Garcelle just a few episodes ago how great Tom had been to her and then she told the others that she pictured herself "holding that man's hand until the end." And she says she told Tom she loved him the day she left?? Confusing web of stories that get molded in to something new as the days go by........