Real Housewives of BEVERLY HILLS {RHoBH}

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  1. Continued from this thread.

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  2. I guess Tivo wasn't recording those first look things for some reason.
  3. .
  4. Yolanda not inviting Lisa to her daughters wedding is odd. If they are such good friends.
  5. "Lisa decides what I wear. I decide what Giggy wears. Giggy decides what Roscia wears, and that's how we rock n' roll." - Ken
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  6. Hold up. One of her girls is getting married already?

    /off to Google
  7. Brandi in the pink dress is the best I've ever seen her. Great hair, makeup and outfit sans the bra straps!
  8. Her daughter by marriage with David.
  9. Wow Joyce and her husband have been together 11 years! They are still very much in love and affectionate, good for them.
  10. Carlton is so freaking annoying...
  11. Whoa! How can Carlton be offended by Kyle mentioning the word "nipple?" She had naked women at her door to greet people for her Fourth of July Event/Celebration. Brandi siding with Kyle against Carlton? That is new. Brandi could have said something while Carlton was there to help neutralize the situation. I would love to hear her take on her actions. Andy needs a 30 minute Q&A with the viewers questions.

    In general they have the oddest events. The water dancers? I don't even know what they were doing? Jax and Kevin in their underwear/swimming trunks?

    Brandi seems irate Kyle and Lisa are getting along. She said it once, twice, three times enough! Who cares if they get along? Wouldn't you want girlfriends to be in harmony?

    Brandi and Sheana(sp?) ... Awkward and catty.

    Did anyone catch Kyle saying Brandi and JR met having sex in the bathroom?
  12. Kyle's hair looks the best it's ever looked in her confessional with hot pink top
  13. I could probably watch Jiggy walk for several minutes! That little lion-pup is adorable
  14. Mauricio seems drunk for the first time
  15. Carlton is a nut. I really don't think Kyle was trying to insult her by the Jewish star comment. I'm catholic and look at certain crosses and wonder is that a cross for me or not. Carlton is just getting annoying