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  1. Me too! I also don't want to judge her if she really got abused- that would be absolutely horrible. I just don't know what to believe with her...
  2. Thanks! I could never get a good look at it!
  3. Re the birkins -- no serial number or authenticity cards.
  4. Fakes are a big business... and yes, many include serial numbers and cards.

    I once heard a story about a man hired by Rolex to help track down and destroy counterfeit rolexes... and he showed up for the meeting wearing a fake rolex! And he had no idea. It sounds like a made up story but I heard it years ago on a news story about how prevalent counterfeit merchandise is.

    Even their tips on "How To Spot A Fake" weren't surefire because many of the fakes they were showing did have ALL the proper markings and such.

    And I also know how common it is for husbands of friends to be looking for good fakes to give to their wives. Not even to be mean... just that most men don't see what the big deal is as long as the item looks good... and they'd rather not fork over a mortgage payment for a handbag.

    Plus, I work in a dept store and know that so many of the pricier bags are pure crap! We damage out so much stock with shoddy work. Some of the fakes I see for sale in little corner shops are actually nicer.
  5. Eh, Dana was annoying. Regarding Brandi, a broken clock is right twice a day.

    Dana now wears her engagement ring on her middle finger, and she still is actually on the show. She's not a full-time housewife this season, but I guess she'll be on like she was in the first season.
  6. Hi guys - Mulberry fan from the UK here (notice that the majority of you RHOBH fans seem to be from the US -understandably!) - I'm not sure what Season we are on over here, but I am totally addicted (as is my hubby!!) and can't get enough of it!!!.....we seem to be at the point where Pandora has had her totally over the top wedding to Jason, and we've just been told about Russell's suicide....would love to hear:biggrin: any other interesting info you have about the show, or just hook up with another addict!!!!......
  7. Dana's voice is annoying - she laughs after every statement.
  8. What in the what? The article said that Taylor is 38. Wasn't she turning 39 in the first season finale back in 2010? This is why the Daily Mail is the Daily Fail. In the first paragraph, they say she's 38 and then later say she's 41. Fact-checking and proofreading are no longer important, I guess.
  9. ^^I remember when they celebrated her turning 40....
  10. ^ ha the UN-reality of reality shows :lol::lol::lol:
  11. The skin on both of them looks like leather. Get out of the sun ladies!
  12. E online is reporting that Lisa's old home (across from the Maloofs) has been burning down, with alot of interior damage but noone was hurt.
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